Charles Bernstein


from University of Chicago Press at the end of April
176pp, paper,  ebook, and audiobook 
(audibook available from the press and soon to be avaialbe from Amazon/Audible) 

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••With Chris Funkhauser at Poet Ray'd Yo, WQXC, radio, April 22, 2020 (60 min)
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The Bookseller: "Not set out to be a book about the pandemic, this rowdy collection of poems, performances and translations nevertheless speaks volumes about the upside-down world we have all found ourselves living in."

In his most expansive and unruly collection to date, the acclaimed poet Charles Bernstein gathers poems, both tiny and grand, that speak to a world turned upside down. Our time of “covidity,” as Bernstein calls it in one of the book’s most poignantly disarming works, is characterized in equal measure by the turbulence of both the body politic and the individual. Likewise, in Topsy-Turvy, novel and traditional forms jostle against one another: horoscopes, shanties, and elegies rub up against gags, pastorals, and feints; translations, songs, screenplays, and slapstick tangle deftly with commentaries, conundrums, psalms, and prayers.

Russell Atkins on PennSound

World'd Too Much: The Selected Poetry of Russell Atkins, edited by Kevin Prufer and Robert E. McDonough, was published by the Cleveland State University Poetry Center. Foreword by Janice Lowe. 

Russell Arkins reading "Night and a Distant Church," "Train Yard at Night," and "It's Here in The" for TV 20 Cleveland, c. 2017:.Click on photo for video file:

Bernard Noël (1930-2021): State of Air

Bernard Noël

States of Air
tr. Charles Bernstein
                       for Viera da Silva

we have just the view
the words of wind
this void the land

here the deepening reverses
making us leap into our eyes

always the go-and-come
the viewed and the not viewed
the graphing of not there
on that which is there

Poet's Hardship Fund

Poets Hardship Fund (UK) is, according to their website, a volunteer-run and donation-reliant hardship fund for poets in the UK:

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