Charles Bernstein


Please buy the book directly from the publisher, University of Chicago Press, or a local bookstore, including Bridge Street BooksSemCoop, Talking Leaves, Indiebound, McNally-Jackson, and Bookshop.Org. 

176 pages, paper and ebook. Audiobook is from Chicago and Amazon/Aubible.

Charles Bernstein: The Poetry of Idiomatic Insistences

A special issue of boundary 2

Charles Bernstein: The Poetry of Idiomatic Insistences, edited by Paul Bové, focusses, mostly, on international contexts, including forewords to translated editions (translated for the first time), interviews, and a review of Topsy-Turvy.

Lila Zemborain's 9/11 poem: a video

Lila Zemborain and Lorenzo Bueno read from Rasgado/Torn, Zemborain’s 9/11 poem, recorded in 2021. Rasgado (Buenos Aires: Tse-Tse, 2006) is a poetic diary written by Lila Zemborain one year after 9/11. Lorenzo Bueno, her son, is the translator of the book. Additional translation by Rosa Alcala. The reading, presented by Rebel Road, was recorded in New York on August 25, 2021, twenty years after 9/11.

'Content's Dream': Essays 1975–1984 — digital edition

cover by Susan Bee

First digital edition (pdf) of Content’s Dream: Essays 1975–1984. PDF ($8) available here. 

Erica Hunt: Jump the Clock

The Poetry Project of St. Mark’s Church, in New York, celebrated Erica Hunt’s new selected poems, Jump the Clock, on May 19, 2021 — the first live event at the Project since the onset of the pandemic.