Munich and Berlin bilingual readings, 2012: video and audio

at Lyrik Kabinett Jan. 25 & Lettretage Sept. 11

(l to r): Tobias Amslinger, Norbert Lange, Charles Bernstein, Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich, Mathias Traxler in Berlin

In the next couple of years, Christian Lux will be publishing a German translation of my selected poems, All the Whiskey in Heaven. Norbert Lange and company have been working on the translation with marvelous ingenuity and astonishing dedication. Norbert, Christian and I first met in January whne I did a reading at Lyrik Kabinett. We next read together last month at the Berlin Literary Festival ("Reveal Codes") and then at Lettrétage.

Munich, January 25, 2012.
Bilingual reading with Norbert Lange and Charles Bernstein from All the Whiskey in Heavan

1. Introduction by Christian Lux: MP3
2. "What Makes a Poem a Poem" (improvisation): MP3
3. comment and intro to "Kiwi": MP3
4. "Kiwi Bird in Kiwi Tree": MP3
5. "Bricklayer's Arms": MP3
6. "Catabolism": MP3
7. "Influence of Kinship Patterns on the Perception of an Ambiguous Stimulus": MP3
8. "Thank You for Saying Thank You": MP3
9. "Let's Just Say": MP3
10. "Verdi and Postmodernism": MP3
11. "Castor Oil": MP3
12. "Johnny Cake Hollow": MP3
13. "All the Whiskey in Heaven": MP3
14. Discussion: MP3
15. "The Elfking" (adaption of Goethe's "Der Erlkonnig"): MP3

Berlin, Sept, 11, 2012, at Lettrétage
with Tobias Amslinger, Norbert Lange, Mathias Traxler, Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich and Charles Bernstein

Video 1 (mp4)
"Dodgem" (Bernstein, Amslinger, Lange, Traxler)
Introduction to the Project by Lange
Introduction to Charles Bernstein by Büscher-Ulbrich

Video 2 (mp4)
Translation of "Poetry Bailout" read by Büscher-Ulbrich

Video 3 (mp4)
Translations of "Palukaville" read by  Amslinger

Video 4 (mp4)
"Riddle of the Fat Faced Man" and translation (Bernstein, Lange)
"Translation of Doggy Bag" read by Amslinger
Translation of "You" (Bernstein, Amslinger, Traxler)

Video 5 (mp4)
"Castor Oil" + translation (Bernstein, Amslinger, Lange)
"Verdi and Postmodernism" (Bernstein, Amslinger)
Translation of "The Bricklayers Arms" (Traxler)

Video 6 (mp4)
Translation of "Autonomy is Jeopardy "(Lange)
"Johnny Cake Hollow" (Lange)
Translation of "Defense of Poetry" (Büscher-Ulbrich)

Video 7 (mp4)  and Video 8 (mp4)
Charles Bernstein reads from Shadowtime

Bonus track: Mathias Traxler: two versions of "You": MP3


And in new issue of, #004, : Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich's translation of "The Dollar Value of Poetry" and "Poetry Bailout".

Lang, Amslinger, Bernstein


Susan Bee, Bernstein, Traxler