Cartographies of Flight: The Marty Ehrlich Ensemble (program)


Marty Ehrlich - sax, clarinet, and flute
James Zollar - trumpet
Marc Ribot - guitar
Michael Formanek - bass
Nasheet Waits - drums
Erica Hunt - poet and reader
Charles Bernstein - poet and reader

BIRD: A World's Eye View
Lost Jazz Shrines Concert Series
Tribeca Arts Center, New York
May 31st, 2013

1. Crumple That Suit                                                           Marty Ehrlich
2    Poetry Makes Rhythm in Philosophy             Ishmael Reed
3.   Rites Rhythms                                                               Marty Ehrlich
4.   Chasing The Bird                                                          Robert Creeley
5.   Ode To Charlie Parker                                                   Jaki Byard
6.   Walking Parker Home                                                  Bob Kaufman
7.   Chi Chi                                                                               Charlie Parker
8.   Frog Leg Logic                                                                  Marty Ehrlich
9.   Energy Music                                                                    Erica Hunt
10. Castor Oil                                                                           Charles Bernstein
11. Line on Love                                                                        Marty Ehrlich
12. Bird                                                                                       Joy Harjo
13. Orinthology                                                                          Charlie Parker



1.  Bright Remembered                                                                 Marty Ehrlich
2.  Jazz Drummer                                                                          Etheridge Knight
3.  Drum Solo                                                                                  Nasheet Waits
4.  Beat Thing                                                                                 David Meltzer
5.  The Lion's Tanz                                                                         Marty Ehrlich
6.  Hemphill Tonight                                                                     Jayne Cortez
7.  Parker's Mood                                                                           Charlie Parker
8.  Bloomdido                                                                                 Charlie Parker
9.  For Bud                                                                                       Michael Harper
10.  On the Corner                                                                          Philip Levine
10. News on the Rail                                                                      Marty Ehrlich
11. Errata                                                                                         Arthur Brown
12. Inauguration Suite                                                                   Marty Ehrlich

Charlie Parker Place. That's my corner, just down from Bird's house, now a historic landmark in the East Village. At times I imagine hearing him practice as I go by, infusing each rhythmic step and melodic turn with his characteristic sense of exaltation. "Bluing a new cartography of flight" is how poet Arthur Brown put it. Tonight's concert will celebrate that Bird's music points us forward, combining music with the images and syntax that he and his compatriots inspired in poets, then and now. 

As If We Might Join Our Hearts to Sound

Erica Hunt and Marty Ehrlich  collaorated at the Cue Art Foundation in Chelsea, November 16, 2007.
Part of my video portraits series.