Erica Hunt: Jump the Clock

The Poetry Project of St. Mark’s Church, in New York, celebrated Erica Hunt’s new selected poems, Jump the Clock, on May 19, 2021 — the first live event at the Project since the onset of the pandemic. 

Kyle Dacuyan (intro)
7:50 Simone White
16:47 Sawako Nakayasu
28:50 Charles Bernstein and Marty Ehrlich
41:00 Tonya Foster
52:06 Erica Hunt (with Ehrlich)
Videography by Matt Proctor
[PennSound: mp4]

Video and photos by Omar Berrada:

Marty Ehrlich

Hunt with Adam Fitzgerald

Bernstein & Marty Ehrlich performing "Fool for Love": YouTube from Poetry Project video
& Barada's  IPhone excerpt ( 2:06): MP4