Charles Bernstein

Katie Couric kicking back with "Attack of the Difficult Poems"

photo © Lawrence Schwartzwald 5/2/11

couric & attack

Like many Americans, Katie Couric is looking for a new job. So where does she turn for sound advice?

Attack of the Difficult Poems: Essays and Inventions

"It Is Almost That: Collection of Image+Text Work by Women Artists & Writers"

New from Siglio

Weiner scan

I received Hannah Weiner's contirbutor's copy of this superbly enthralling book.
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Pictured: from Weiner's Pictures and Early Words (1972) [scan from book]

Experimental writing seminar web site

Eng111, Spring 11 @ UPenn

Olivia Haber-Greenwood image

Experimental Writing Seminar web site / Spring 2011
English 111 /  Univeristy of Pennsylvania / Charles Bernstein

These works were done collaboratively by the seminar, during class time, written on a yellow pad passed from one person to the next. One class member then created the final versions of the work

Twitter Poems
Poems individually created from a class Twitter feed.

Wittgenstein & poetry in Munich

As part of a recent Wittgenstein conference in Munich, Marjorie Perloff organized literary section: pdf of program here.