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Rochelle Owens

'Patterns of Animus, Part Two,' a continuation

[Rochelle Owens remains, as she has been for the preceding half-century, a necessary voice among the growing company of those American and world poets writing and performing at the limits. The work presented here is a follow-up to the first part of “Patterns of Animus” presented earlier on Poems and Poetics, and a harbinger of yet more works to come. 

Jerome Rothenberg

'Bringing the Past into the Present,' fragment of a dialogue with David Antin

[The following, a Spanish translation of which will appear shortly in El Libro de Las Voces, my latest book from Mexico, was an attempt by me and David Antin to start a public correspondence focused on the many years of our friendship and ongoing discourse, from New York in the 1950s to California from the 1970s until David’s death in 2016.

Jeffrey C. Robinson: Reconfiguring Romanticism

'Pythia: Commotions, Convulsions, and Shrieks in Keats'

John Keats death mask
John Keats death mask

[The following is the latest installment of Jeffrey Robinson’s ongoing renewal and reimagining of Romanticism and part of his current work in progress: John Keats Utopian Margins. A major Romanticist in his own right, he is the coauthor with me of the third volume of Poems for the Millennium (Romanticism and Postromanticism), a rethinking of the poetic past from the point of view of the present. (J.R.)]


Toward a poetry and poetics of the Americas (29)

The woman who went to the village of the dead (Kuikuro)

Kuikuro women dancing during a tolo ritual in the village of Yawalapiti.
Kuikuro women dancing during a tolo ritual in the village of Yawalapiti. Xingu, Brazil, 2005. Photo Carlos Fausto.

Narrated by Ájahi, Kuikuro people


Working translation from Kuikuro by Javier Taboada after Bruna Franchetto and Carlos Fausto  

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“I’m going there

Jerome Rothenberg

'Reading Celan' (1959, 1995, 2020) for the hundredth anniversary of Paul Celan's birth

First read at International Paul Celan Symposium, Maison des Ecrivains,

Paris, 1995

Reposted & rededicated to Pierre Joris, il miglior traduttore, 2020