Jerome Rothenberg

Poems and poetics

Michael Davidson

'how to dance / sitting down': Aging, innovation, and the graying of disability

[What follows is a talk given at the “Aging Experiments” Conference sponsored by University College Dublin on September 26, 2020, and hosted by Joao Guimaraes. In the interest of space, an accompanying bibliography has been eliminated, but anyone interested can email Michael Davidson at He has of course been a leading writer on disability poetics for many years now. (j.r.)] 

Jake Marmer

New poems from 'COSMIC DIASPORA' with author's note as preface



Patterns of Animus

A new poem by Rochelle Owens

[For some years now, Rochelle Owens has been a regular contributor to Poems and Poetics and,  before that, a key part of the poetry world which many of us have shared with her. Of the power of her work Marjorie Perloff has written: “brilliantly inventive, immensely learned, sophisticated, and witty in its conceits. She is, in many ways, a proto-language poet, her marked ellipses, syntactic oddities, and dense and clashing verbal surfaces.

Heriberto Yépez

'A Sketch on Globalization & Ethnopoetics'

[The essay by Yépez following the translation, below, of Jean Louis Battre’s Portuguese poem, “The Cave,” is reposted here as a tribute and acknowledgement of the work and thought of Mexican poet Heriberto Yépez in the development of a future-facing ethnopoetics from a perspective outside the familiar US nexus. It was originally published in the radical magazine R.A.U.L. / Red Anarcho Utopista Libre in May 2012, and a related work by Yépez, “Ethnopoetics.

Jerome Rothenberg, with Javier Taboada


[While it’s been slowed down by the current pandemic, I’m awaiting the publication later this year of El Libro de las Voces (The Book of Voices): Poemas y Poéticas from Mangos de Hacha in Mexico, DF, and the Universidad de Nueva Léon in Monterrey. The book (in Spanish) consists of an extended interview of me by Javier Taboada reinforced by an interspersed selection of poems and other writings, the whole of it translated into Spanish by Taboada.