Jerome Rothenberg

Poems and poetics

Ariel Resnikoff

From raisin in every bite (Furniture Press, 2022)

Author’s Note. raisin in every bite gathers and convenes devotional notebook poems at the threshold of dreams, where sleep meets afterlife in memory. These poems fly in flocks, in fabulous company of so many living and dead writers, in love and care for that great company, a ragtag translingual family of freaks and poets and outriders.

Ahmad Almallah

from ‘Bitter English’ (2019) and ‘The Border Wisdom’ (in progress)



that I own no one language cuts me through

that I find this english tongue I use day after day

boring, in construction, even in poetry cuts me

in the middle of sentiment and sentence


I do not understand this sound, I stumble,

Jerome Rothenberg (poems) and Arie Galles (images)





To dream


& know the time

draws nigh

John Bloomberg-Rissman

'The future started yesterday': A postlude and collage for 'A Book of Americas'

The future started yesterday, in the cave of the hands, a multitude of hands in the twilight, a cloud of palms, it is a constricted place, a narrowed place, one of the hollowed-out places, analogous to the Library of Alexandria, a narrow-eyed figurine carved of green jadeite with incised glyphs, length, 1,254 feet; average width, 20 feet; height, 4 or 5 feet, a gate built of the word orororororo, because there is no longer


Philip Davenport and Julia Grime, editors

From 'Refuge from the Ravens: New Lyrical Ballads for the 21st Century'

Drawing by Keiron, Back on Track, Manchester.
Drawing by Keiron, Back on Track, Manchester.

With an afterword by Jeffrey Robinson