Outside-in / Inside-out schedule

The following is the schedule for the major festival of “outside & subterranean poetry,” which takes as its point of departure Barbaric Vast & Wild, the anthology/assemblage co-edited by Jerome Rothenberg & John Bloomberg-Rissman.  The still larger Outside-in / Inside-out festival, as announced, will take place at venues across the City of Glasgow from September to November 2016.


4th October – 8th October 2016

Glasgow, Scotland


Tuesday 4th October

MANY Studios, 3 Ross St, Glasgow G1 5AR


5-7pm             Opening of Palimpsest Exhibition & drinks reception 

                          Welcoming Remarks

                          Readings: John Bloomberg-Rissman, Nuala Watt, and Nat Raha


Wednesday 5th October

5th floor Alwyn Williams Building, Lilybank Gardens, University of Glasgow


9.30 am           Registration open; tea & coffee


10-10.15          Welcome remarks: Vassiliki Kolocotroni, Jeffrey Robinson, Colin Herd, Nuala Watt, nick-e melville


10.15-11.45     Introductory Panel


10.15-10.30: Andrea Brady – Inside Lyric: Poetry in Prison

10.30-10.45: Sarah Hepworth – Glasgow University’s Special Collections of the Literary Outside

10.45-11.00: Sandeep Parmar – Coterie, Community and Censure: UK Poetry and Race

11.00-11.15: Jeffrey Robinson – Outside-in / Inside-out: An Overview

11.15-11.45: Discussion


11.45-1.30       Break for lunch (self-catered)


1.30-3              Parallel Panel Sessions A and B


Panel A: Propriety and Legitimacy -5th Floor Alwyn Williams Building


1.30-1.45:  Elizabeth Marie Young – Obscenity and Poetic Propriety in Latin Priapic Verse

1.45-2:  Kirstie Blair – Working Class, 19th Century Newspaper Poetry

2-2.15:  Nicholas Karavatos – Echo Location: John Giorno Performs the Culture Industry

2.15-2.30: Isabel Waidner – Gaudy Bauble

2:30-3:  Discussion

Panel B: Identity and the Body - Edwin Morgan Room, 5 University Gardens


1.30-1.45: Ed Luker – ‘things don’t represent’: Fred Moten’s fugitive surface

1.45-2: Rebecca Tamas – WITCH: A Poem of Female Strangeness

2-2.15: Nisha Ramayaa – Moving Devotion, Moving Displacement: Decolonising Responses to Mirabai and Bhanu Kapil

2.15-2.30: Eric Eisner – Keats in Drag: Mark Doty, Cockney Poetics and Queer Excess

2.30-3: Discussion


3-3.30              Break for tea & coffee - 5th floor Alwyn Williams


3.30-5              Parallel Panel Sessions C and D


Panel C:  The Space of the Page - 5th Floor Alwyn Williams 


3.30-3.45: Sarah Hayden – POEM? POEM? POEM? POEM? POEM? POEM?: On Reading Peter Roehr

3.45-4: Mark Tardi – Stratal Geometries

4-4.15:  Rachel Robinson – Betweenness in the Work of Cecilia Vicuña

4.15-4.30: Rey Conquer – Line and Layout in German Experimental Poetry: what is at stake?

4.30-5:  Discussion


Panel D: Figuring the Outside - Edwin Morgan Room


3.30-3.45: Robert Snyderman – Autochthonous Roads, Visceral Apostrophe: Tradition Beyond Human Control, or Why it Happened that C.D. Wright Found besmilir brigham

3.45-4: Sara Guyer – Out of My Knowledge/Knowledge of the World (Clare, Bouabré)

4-4.15: Peter France – Salute – to Singing: Gennady Aygi and Chuvash Culture

4.15-4.30: David Miller – The Proverbials

4.30-5:  Discussion


CCA (Centre for Contemporary Arts), 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JD


Participants’ book table, sponsored by Aye-Aye Books


7.30-11            Barbaric Vast and Wild launch, with a mixture of performative-critical papers and readings by Jerome Rothenberg, John Bloomsberg-Rissman, Andrea Brady, Diane Rothenberg, Tawona Sithole, Aonghas MacNeacail, Sandra Alland, Holly Pester, Nicole Peyrafitte, and Pierre Joris


Thursday 6th October

5th Floor Alwyn Williams Building


8.30am            Coffee & tea

9-10.30            Parallel Panel Sessions E and F


Panel E: Language(s) of the Outside - 5th Floor Alwyn Williams 


9-9.15: Jeffrey Robinson – Romanticism and Outsider Poetics

9.15-9.30: Ellen Dillon – A poetry at the gates of existence: negotiating (with) the outside in the work of Peter Gizzi and Peter Manson

9.30-9.45: Colin Herd – Show-orations: The Sophists and Contemporary Poetry

9:45-10:  Nicole Peyrafitte and Pierre Joris – Occitan Poetry

10-10:30:  Discussion


Panel F: Poetics of Trauma/Repression/ Expression -Edwin Morgan Room


9-9.15: Will Rowe – The Image of Suffering in Colonial, Postcolonial and contemporary   works

9.15-9.30:  Dominic Williams – Translating Illegibility in the Scrolls of Auschwitz

9.30-9.45:  Kate Sutherland – Using Law Against Itself: Muriel Rukeyser’s Documentary Poetics

9.45-10:  Laura Rae – Pieces of Me: Poetry as Response to Trauma, PTSD and Sexual Assault

10-10.30:  Discussion


10.30-10.45     Break for coffee & tea - 5th Floor Alwyn Williams 


10.45-12.15     Parallel Panel Sessions G and H


Panel G: Sound / Music / Voice - 5th Floor Alwyn Williams  


10.45-11: Mike Saunders – Noise and Purchase

11-11.15: Hanna Tuulikki – Air falbh leis na h-eòin / Away with the birds

11.15-11.30: Robin Purves – Keiji Haino: Asynchronicity, Mora-Timing and the Undoing of Rock

11.30-11.45: Katie Ailes – Contemporary Performance-based Poetry

11.45-12.15: Discussion


Panel H: Outside Subjectivity - Edwin Morgan Room


10.45-11: Iain Matheson – My Own Private Imago: Introspectibilia in Gaston Bachelard and Iris Murdoch

11-11.15: Dunja Baus and kerry doyle – Desiring Thresholds

11.15-11.30: Katy Hastie – Blows Against the Big Brother Tongue

11.30-12.00:  Discussion


12.15-1.15       Break for lunch (self-catered)


The Homeless Library, viewings, discussion - 5th Floor Alwyn Williams


1.15-2.15         Philip Davenport and Homeless Library participants & exhibit of ‘The Homeless Library’

2.15-3.30         Break for coffee & tea (Alwyn Williams) with private viewings of Ian Hamilton Finlay and Edwin Morgan archives – Special Collections, 12th floor, The University of Glasgow Library

3.30-4.30         Sandeep Parmar, guided discussion on Race and US/UK Poetics


Lighthouse Gallery, 11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow G1 3NU


5-7pm             Viewing of Design and the Concrete Poem exhibition, with remarks by curator Bronac Ferran


Poetry Club, 100 Eastvale Place, Glasgow, G3 8QG


7.30-11            Outside and Subterranean Poetry Night with performances by Susan Bee, Gerry Loose, Julie Carr, Maggie O’Sullivan, Will Rowe, nick-e melville, Liliane Lijn, Charles Bernstein, Gerrie Fellows, and Peter Manson


Friday 7th October

Glasgow Women’s Library, 23 Landressy Street, Glasgow G40 1BP


9.30am            Coffee & tea


10-11               Discussion on Archives and Experimental Poetry


10-10.15:  Adele Patrick – The GWL and its Archives

10.15-10.30: Michael Parsons – The work of Lily Greenham

10.30-10.45:  Liliane Lijn – On her own work

10.45-11: Discussion


11-11.30          Break for coffee & tea and Poetry Discussion Point

11.30-1            Parallel Panel Sessions I and J


Panel I: Gender, Reading, and Form - Main Conference Room 


11.30-11.45: Annie Higgen – A is for Auden

11.45-12: Sophie Collins – A performance of the act of reading: feminist epistemologies in translation

12-12.15: Nuala Watt – Partial Sight and Poetic Form

12.15-12.30: Juana Adcock and Jennifer Williams – BODY: Text is Flesh

12.30-1: Discussion


Panel J: Translation and Border States - Breakout Room


11.30-11.45: Piotr Gwiazda – Alone with Language: On Exophonic Poetry

11.45-12: Wanda O’Connor – Entwurf

12-12.15: Jacob McGuinn – Fragmenting Figuration: Celan inside Paris outside Blanchot

12.15-12.30: Calum Rodger, Rachel McCrum and Jonathan Lamy – Cinepoems: Scotland/ Quebec

12.30-1: Discussion


1-2:      Lunch and Poetry Discussion Point


2-3.30: Parallel Panel Sessions K and L


Panel K: The Space of Performance - Main Conference Room


2-2.15: Sandra Dias – The Evanescent Body: Poetical Experimental Performance in Portugal

2.15-2.30: Scott Thurston – Jennifer Pike and Movement as Poetry

2.30-2.45: Jane Goldman – Room of One’s Own: Woolf Supper Launch

2.45-3: Theresa Munoz – Interactivity, the Body and Human Emotion in Digital Poetry

3-3.30:  Discussion


Panel L: Ecologies -Break-out Room


2-2:15 Daisy Lafarge – Affirmation as Resistance

2.15-2.30: Srishti Krishamoorthy – Disruptive Botanical Surfaces in Susan Howe’s Poetry since 1990

2.30-2.45: Julie Carr – Women, War and Labour in the Poetry of Lorine Niedecker

2.45-3: Discussion


3.30-4  Break with coffee & tea and Poetry Discussion Point


Main Conference Room


4-5       Holly Pester workshop on GWL archives


Glasgow Royal Concert Hall ‘Music Studio,’ Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow, G2 3NY


8-11     Outside Chance: ‘poetry lottery’ open mic extravaganza


Saturday 8th October

MANY Studios


9.30-10            Coffee & tea


10-11               Digital Transformations – Andrew Prescott, Bronac Ferran and Tom Schofield in discussion


11-11.45          Readings: Jerome Rothenberg, Alec Finlay, and Lila Matsumoto


11.45-12          Break


12-1                 Charles Bernstein respondent


END: Outside-in / Inside-out