Jerome and Diane Rothenberg

'A Book of the Book,' a gathering of fragments for Steve Clay's seventieth birthday 8.ix.2021

A book in movement

never stands still.




And in the mind

a book

rewrites itself

letter by letter.




The eyes, looking inward,

ready for dying.




Is what I see or don’t

the book you gave me?




I feel my way by touch

to turn a leaf

until the book falls shut.




A book for which I haven’t written anything

but which I claim to be my own.                               (Juan Luis Martínez)




A book of myths

in which

our names do not appear.                                         (Adrienne Rich)




Your heart a book of paintings

a book about impermanence.




Angels sit on clouds

some dance

each one holds up a book

or writes in it.




I try writing in a book

in which the words

are volatile

& vanish

as I write them.




When we leave the world


a book reflects our voices

in a book




Within the book worlds came together.




A burnt book

that remains

a book.




The book is ending

where the book



[N.B. For my earlier full tribute to Steve Clay, see Steve Clay's Granary Books: A Tribute, first published in 2006. He was of course my coeditor/coauthor on A Book of the Book: Some Works & Projections about the Book & Writing, published by Granary Books in 2000. And as the publisher of Granary Books over the last thirty-five years, his contribution to our literature has been enormous. (j.r.)]