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Gerry Loose

from 'The Great Book of the Woods': 'Palimpsests & Riddles' (after the Ogham)

Cover of 'The Great Book of the Woods.'
Cover of 'The Great Book of the Woods.'

[From the edition newly published by Xylem Books, an imprint of Corbel Stone Press, 2020. See the author’s note below for more on Loose’s engagement with the ancient Ogham runes.]

A Book of Infernos, Now in Print

An announcement from Lunar Chandelier Collective:


We’re thrilled to announce the release of A Book of Infernos by Jerome Rothenberg. You can buy A Book of Infernos exclusively through our website, here.


Rochelle Owens

New Poem 2020, 'Our Ruinscape'

AUTHORS NOTE. In this poem I embrace the title “Our Ruinscape” with the joy of creating a bleak eye-space ear-space in which biodiversity, movement, competition, interaction, infector, infected, prey and predator  snake dance onto the white page.

Reverberations  yes …


The sun too shines into cesspools and is not polluted.

                                                                                         — Diogenes


Jerome Rothenberg

For a second book of Retrievals (in progress)

October/November 2008


ATHENS 2008                                                         “Urns & Sarcophagi”

for Stavros Deligiorgis

André Breton and Philippe Soupault

From 'The Magnetic Fields,' 'Feelings Are Free'

Soupault and Breton, photo by Man Ray (1925)
Soupault and Breton, photo by Man Ray (1925)

TRANSLATORS NOTE: I first started translating The Magnetic Fields at the request of the young poet Tamás Panitz. He had been going to Gloucester to visit the poet Gerrit Lansing, a dear friend of my husband, the poet Robert Kelly. Gerrit would recommend various poetry books he thought were worth reading to Tamás, and Tamás would faithfully follow his advice. Except in this case: there was no translation available of The Magnetic Fields; the Gascoyne/Atlas edition had gone out of print and was prohibitively expensive. 

Translation from French by Charlotte Mandell





Trace smell of sulfur

Public health swamp