Anne Tardos

'The Poet,' from 'The Exploding Nothingness of Never Define'

[A preview from Anne Tardos’s latest book of poetry, soon to be published by BlazeVOX Books, and a statement about the dynamics and the nature of “the poet,” and much else.]


The poet writes dactylic syllables-eight times Lovingly but like a shadow


Consented and conceived of melodious French and English conceived

through itself and others

To cheer up the text negating its most

indifferent nature as many women turn to

nobility and tact


The enclosure of freedom was at its most

indifferent Water didnt show such conditions

of breaking out Or inhabiting or developing a

dynamic understanding


Okay so far, inevitable writing, no comments so far from narrating


I have ruined but lovingly



the dynamic of syllables and dactyls in

narrating and took up next the dynamic

of understanding


Tenacious tenant loving and conceived

and consenting contemplating death I



Then they ever okay

so so

I dont do not


But I write syllables dactyls eight

times Lovingly


Call the dynamic




But I write syllables and dactyls eight

times Most lovingly


Thinking in language by applying melodious French and

English A new day here

between a disturbance and a cheer

Between a dinner and all the slights

Between a story and many women


I see I stood up for many

women Inhabiting ok so


so that okay




I have learned


Okay so good, I did because my survival is writing.


You will see

I awoke


Much much celebration

you will see


Celebrated youre supposed to intentionally leave

Much celebration

Spinoza said


Women turn the pump that could accommodate a

new writer Or something new like thinking of love


until the larger

more than wanting

but hidden behind the static while time had to task


Editing and getting

off took a jolt

a cheer up


Never developed to an abstraction as

easily as Remaining loyal to the healthy


loyal but then I had to leave A distance from the

cold and women have bravely moved


From an inner organ that must overwhelm some women who turn the



The famous Chinese inner organs that have

consented So I write a joyride:


Inky Infinity infantilizing Insight


Never learned to be a transformer


Feelings come out of time, she adds, she loves the tenacious lodger


at any point in itself and


men are not hidden behind my temple only the minds password


Behind my very concept of all this love


Followed by many women who are into

preservation And others who write in an effort to



I write something new.

Philosophy touches all I



I write.