Jerome Rothenberg

A selection of books translated into other languages 2000–2021

announcement circa 2013 of a selected poems in Romanian
Announcement circa 2013 of a selected poems in Romanian.

[The dream, shared with many, was of a poetry that could reach across borders and languages, for which translation of course was the primary tool and the translators the ones who made it happen.  For me the process began even earlier than the forty twenty-first-century works that I’m highlighting here, my first translated books being Vroege Gedichten (Early poems), translated into Dutch/Flemish by Jan Mysjkin in 1960, and Poemas Gorky (The Gorky poems), translated into Spanish by Sergio Mondragón and Margaret Randall in 1966. Other translations appeared in magazines and anthologies from then on, but the work, as it came into poetry books of my own, expanded greatly as we moved into the new century and millennium. It’s to express my gratefulness that I’m setting out the following list of translated books and translators here, hoping that I haven’t forgotten any in the process and that a listing like this will lead others to find further works by the poet-translators who brought the poetry across for me. (J.R.)]


            Les Variations Lorca, translation into French by Yves di Manno, for the series

“L’Extrême contemporain,” edited by Michel Deguy, Editions Belin, Paris, 2000.


Hiljaisuuden Peli (selected poems 1960–2000), translated into Finnish by Jyrki                           

Ihalainen, Palladium Kirjat, [Tampere], Finland, 2000.


14 Stationen (bilingual edition), with translations into German by Stefan Hyner,

stadt lichter presse, Berlin, 2000.


            Después de Auschwitz y Otras Poemas, translation into Spanish by Mercedes

                   Roffé, Pen Press, New York, 2001.


Dal taccuino di uno sciamano (bilingual edition), translation into Italian by                              

Daniela Daniele, Porto dei Santi, 2001.


El Cruel Nirvana (poems 1980–2000), translation into Spanish by

Heriberto Yépez and Laura Jáuregui, Editorial Tucán de Virginia,

Mexico, 2001.


Dibukas (selected poetry), arranged and translated into Lithuanian by Eugenijus

Ališanka, Pine Press / Vario Burnos, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2001.


            Livre de Temoignage 1–26, translation into French by Joseph Guglielmi and

Tita Reut, with lithographs by Arman, Charles Moreau Editions,

Paris, 2002.


Un Nirvana Cruel: Poèmes 1980–2000, translated into French  by Jean Portante,                   

Phi Books, Luxembourg, 2002.


4 poèmes d’un livre des recels, translated into French by Yves di Manno,

with drawings by Katherine Blanc, Cahiers de la Seine, Paris, 2003.


Poemas para el juego del silencio, translation into Spanish by Mercedes Roffé,

Editorial Germania, Valencia, 2004.


25 Caprichos, after Goya, with translations into Spanish by Heriberto Yépez,

                   Kadle Books, Tenerife, Spain, 2004.


Seis: Cecilia Vicuña [y] Jerome Rothenberg en el Foro de Escritores,

Colección Foro de Escritores, with DVD, Santiago, Chile, 2005.


Etnopoesia do Milênio (essays), translation into Portuguese, Azougue Editorial,                              

Rio de Janeiro, 2006.


Techniciens du Sacré, translation into French by Yves di Manno, Jose Corti

Publishers, Paris, 2008.


          Un Oracle pour Delphes (complete), in Yves Di Manno, Objets d'Amérique,



Siembras, translation of Seedings into Spanish by Antonio Díez Fernández,

Baile del Sol, Tenerife, 2010.


Ojo del Testimonio: Escritos Selectos 1951–2010, translated into Spanish by                             Heriberto Yépez, Editorial Aldus, Mexico, 2010.


25 Caprichos a partir de Goya, translation into Spanish by Heriberto Yépez,

         Calamus, Oaxaca, y Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, Mexico, 2011.


Jerome Rothenberg: Performance, translation into Czech by Lubos Snizek,                      

Prague Writers’ Festival, 2012.


Paraíso de Poetas, reprint and expansion of Un Cruel Nirvana, Editorial Arte           

y Literatura, Cuba, 2013.


Pologne/1931 (“A Book of Writings” and “A Book of Testimony”), translation into

French by Jean Portante, Editions Caracteres, Paris, 2013.


El Trabajo del sueño y otros poemas,translation into Spanish by Mercedes                  

Roffé, Hilos Editora, Buenos Aires, 2013.


Mistici, hoti si nebuni (Mystics Thieves & Madmen), translation into Romanian                 

by Chris Tanasescu, Casa de Editura Max Blecher, Bucharest, 2013.


Khurbn, translation into French by Rachel Ertel, Editions Caractères, Paris, 2014.


Secouer la Citrouille [Shaking the Pumpkin], translation into French by Anne  

Talvaz, Presses Universitaires de Rouen et du Havre, 2015.


Journal Seneca, French translation by Didier Pemerle, Jose Corti, Paris, 2015.


Un Champ sur Mars: Poèmes 2000-2015, translation into French by Anne-Laure

Tissut, joint editions in French and English, Jusqu’à (To) Publishers, Presses Universitaires de Rouen et du Havre, 2016.


An Oracle for Delphi, translation into Greek by Iossif Venturi and Maro            

Papadimitriou, 2016.


Testigos y Milagros, translation into Spanish by Javier Taboada, Matadero,

Mexico, 2017.


Khurbn, translation into German by Norbert Lange and Barbara Felicitas Tax,

Verlag Das Wunderhorn, Heidelberg, 2017.


De heilige woorden van Tristan Tzara, translation into Dutch by Jan Mysjkin,

Uitgeverij Vleugels, Netherlands, 2018.


Rituale & Events, translation into German by Norbert Lange, Hochroth, Berlin,                



Polen/1931, translation into German by Norbert Lange, roughbooks, Switzeland,   



A Cruel Nirvana, selected poems in Georgian, translated by Irakli Qolbaia, 2019.


Rad Sna I Druge Pesme (Dreamworks & Other Poems), translation into Serbian         

by Dubravka Djuric, OKF, Cetinje, Serbia 2019.


Khurbn, translated into Lithuanian by Dominykas Norkunas, Studio “Versus,”       

Vilnius, 2020.


The Fifth Hell, selected poems, translation into Farsi by Sahar Tavakoli, Dastan           

Publishing, Teheran, scheduled: September 2020.


El Libro de las Voces, edited & translated by Javier Taboada, Mangos de Hacha     

and Universidad de Nueva León, Monterrey, Mexico, 2021.


Un río cruzando un río [selected poems], translated into Spanish by Juan Carlos  

Villavicencio, Descontexto Editores, Santiago, Chile, scheduled 2021.



In addition, the following books, from before 2000:


Vroege Gedichten (Early Poems), translated into Dutch/Flemish by Jan H.                               

Mysjkin, published by In de Knipscheer, Haarlem, 1960, 1967.


Poemas Gorky, translated into Spanish by Sergio Mondragón and Margaret                               

Randall, published by El Corno Emplumado, Mexico, 1966.


Gedichten voor het spel van de stilte, translated into Dutch/Flemish by Jan H.           

Mysjkin, Masereefonds, Gent 1970.                                                                       


Dikter kring ett spel om tystnaden (Poems for the game of silence]), translated     

into Swedish by Jan Östergren, published by Bo Cavefors, Lund and      

Zurich, 1976.


Poèmes pour le jeu du silence, translated into French by Didier Pemerle, Jean-        

Pierre Faye and Jacques Roubaud, published by Christian Bourgois, 1978.


Honger [Hunger/Faim], with translations by Jan Mysjkin and others into French, German,                 Dutch, and with a woodcut by Jan Voss, published in Ghent, 1997.


Indiens d’Amérique du Nord: une anthologie de Jerome Rothenberg,

translated into French by Anne Talvaz, with introductions by Christoph

Marchand-Kiss, Textuel (press), L’oeil du Poete (series), Paris, 1998


            Delights/Délices & Other Gematria, translation into French by Nicole Peyrafitte,

                   with art by Ian Tyson, Editions Ottezec, Nimes, 1998.