The Fugs — 'Exorcism of the White House' (May 30, 2017)

[from the official announcement of the event at the lincoln memorial in washington, dc

In 1967, one of America’s most original bands, The Fugs, went to Washington DC on a mission to levitate the Pentagon and exorcise the evil warmongers who were expanding the Vietnam War. NOW — fifty years later, The Fugs (Ed Sanders, Scott Petito, Steve Taylor, and Coby Batty) have returned to save us all from the new crop of evildoers who have taken up residence in the White House. With the inspiration and guidance of Ed Sanders, Bob Holman, and the spirit of Tuli Kupferberg, Chuck Smith created a music video to accompany The Fugs’ brand-new song “Exorcism of the White House.”

THE FUGS — “Exorcism of the White House” (2017, Official Video)



In the name of the Amulets
of Friendship & Civilisation
& against Border-Bashing
& manias for Regime Change

In the name of triumph
over the curse of explosions & drones

In the name of ahimsa & nonviolence
between heretofore rival civilisations

In the name
of Peace & Love & Sharing!

We call upon the powers of the Cosmos
to protect our ceremonies!

In the name of Zeus, in the name of Anubis,
God of the Dead, in the name of all those killed for causes
they do not comprehend —

in the name of the millions dead in Iraq, Afghanistan,
& the East

& in the name of the blown-apart Americans
on war-zones in the USA
& in other countries as well!


In the name of Rosa Parks, Lilith, Mary, Aphrodite, Hera, Rose Pesotta …
we call upon the Malevolent Spirits in the White House
to be Banished and Exorcised! Out, Demons, Out!!!
Out, Demons, Out!!!

In the name of Dionysus Zagreus, Jesus, Iao Sabaoth, Mohammed,
Yahwah the Unnameable, the Quintessential Finality,
the Zoroastrian Fire, Buddha the All-Reaching, in the name
of Hermes Trismegistos, in the name of the Beak of Thoth, in the name
of the Restoration of the Eye of Horus, in the name of Peace Eye and the
Universal Scarab, in the name of Ra and the Solar Boat, in the name of
the Virgin Mary, Osiris, Joseph, the Supreme Archangels, Isis, the mouth
of the Ouroboros

We call upon the Spirits of Eternity
to raise the White House
from its foundations
spin it around
& cleanse it of Evil & Malevolent Demons

We summon the Spirits of Benevolent Destiny
to exorcise the White House
of its violence, ill-will, and ill-intentions
from now till the End of Time!
in the name of Peace, Love & Economic Justice!
in the name of Harmony among Nations on Earth

(Ahh! here of peace and harmony)


Out Demons, out! Out Demons, out!
Out, Demons, out! Out, Demons, out!
Out, Demons, out!

Out Trump-Cabinet! Out! Out Trump-Demons, out!

Attorney General! Aieee! Demon-out Demon-out!
CIA Director! Aieee! Out, Demons, out!
Head of the EPA, Aieee! Demon-out Demon-out!
Secretary of Agriculture! Aieee! Demon-out Demon-out!
Health and Human Services! Aieee! Out, Demons, out!
Secretary of Housing & Urban Development! Demon-out Demon-out!
Labor Secretary! Aieee! Out, Demons, out!
Treasury Secretary! Aieee! Demon-out Demon-out!
Secretary of State! Aieee! Out, Demons, out!
Interior Secretary! Oi oi oi oi! Aieee! Demon-out!

Demon-out! Demon-out! Demon-out!

O-u-t! Demons, O-u-t!


(image of White House, it begins to spin and whirl,
slowly, then faster. Demons begin to fly away as
it whirls)

& Music: Whirl o White House Whirl
Climb o White House climb
Upward o White House Upward
Up Up Up o White House Upward
Whoosh! White House Whoosh!

(white house spins and rises up)

Out, Deeeeemoooon! Out, Deeeeeemooon!
Out, Demons, out!
Out, Demons, out! Out, Demons, out!
Out, Demons, out!
Out, Demons, out! Out, Demons, out!
In the name of the Most Sacred of Names,
Out, Demons, out!
Out, Demons, out! Out, Demons, out!

© 2017 Ed Sanders