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Amish Trivedi

'Banryu, Not Banryu'

[N.B. Amish Trivedi has for some time been a close associate at Poems and Poetics, some of his earlier work having appeared in the postings of February 25, 2011October 7, 2012, August 2, 2013, June 16, 2016, and July 5, 2018. He recently received a PhD from Illinois State University with a dissertation titled “A Wing in a Crumbling Mansion: Poetry in the Post-Academy.”]


For Scott Schnell



Sometimes the clouds open for no one:

an image beaming across the morning sky.

A soul lit from two points,

reflecting back a convex god.

Calling to it,

there is only the echo of a valley underneath,

Inagaki Taruho

A range of stories from '1001 Second Stories' (1923)

[NB: Inagaki Taruho (1900–1977) was a real modernist dandy who started writing wild, experimental, whimsical stories in the 1920s that blur the boundaries of prose and poetry. Although Taruho did not write what one traditionally thinks about when one imagines “poetry,” his short-short stories are sometimes classified as poetry. His most famous collection is called 1001 Second Stories, which is a collection of funny, little contes that describe the surreal hijinks one might find in the earliest animation that was, not coincidentally, being produced right around the same time. (JA)]

Translation from Japanese by Jeffrey Angles


Anne Tardos

'The Poet,' from 'The Exploding Nothingness of Never Define'

[A preview from Anne Tardos’s latest book of poetry, soon to be published by BlazeVOX Books, and a statement about the dynamics and the nature of “the poet,” and much else.]

Toward a poetry and poetics of the Americas (25)

Haroldo de Campos, 'Three poems & an essay toward a poetics'

[The basic book for Haroldo de Campos in English is still Novas: Selected Writings, edited by Antonio Sergio Bessa, Odile Cisneros, and Roland Greene, published by Northwestern University Press in 2007. De Campos and his brother Augusto remain two of the major American/Brazilian poets of the last hundred years, bringing poetry and poetics together.]

Translated by A. S. Bessa

Rochelle Owens: De Chirico's Vendetta (2020)

Giorgio de Chirico — Self portrait — 1922
Giorgio de Chirico — Self portrait — 1922

[NB: Giorgio De Chirico, a pioneer of Surrealism, was greatly admired for his early works; his later paintings from 1945 to 1962 drew the disdain of fickle dealers who influenced collectors. Thus, De Chirico decided to back date the paintings.]

[Since the start of Poems and Poetics in 2008, I have attempted to chronicle the perennially evolving poetry of Rochelle Owens, who remains for many of us one of the most fierce and dynamic practitioners of our art as we move across the millennium boundary to embrace her. (j.r.)]


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