Jerome Rothenberg

For a second book of Retrievals (in progress)


ATHENS 2008                                                         “Urns & Sarcophagi”

for Stavros Deligiorgis


The Mourning Women


they pull

their hair

& tears run down

like M’s





A Sorrowing Sailor


abandoned & alone







like dibbiks

the untimely






A Row of Men


a fish in

every hand





Mistress of the Animals (1)


2 wolves

1 bull

2 birds

a serpent

& a fish

between her legs





Mistress of the Animals (2)


a large bird


a jack rabbit

at her back





Medusa Furens


tongue askew

& flashing eyes





White Vases


filled with



the dead





A Small Man


girded round

by eyes







my mind

a butterfly





a man without a face

holds up a cup


a man in a red sweater

sits here too



October/November 2008