Jerome Rothenberg & John Bloomberg Rissman: 'Poems for the Millennium, volume 5': The 'Table of Contents' (part two)

James Tilly Matthews, The Air-Loom Machine, c. 1810
James Tilly Matthews, The Air-Loom Machine, c. 1810

[What follows is the second half of the table of contents for Barbaric Vast & Wild: A Gathering of Outside & Subterranean Poetry from Origins to Present, which has been announced for March publication by Black Widow Press.  The first half appeared in Poems and Poetics on February 2, & numerous excerpts from the book-in-progress have appeared there also from time to time.  The work as a whole functions de facto as the fifth volume of Poems for the Millennium.] 





(Russian, 19th Century)

Bald Mountain Zaum Poem


(American, 19th Century)

Shaker Sound Poem


Hildegard Of Bingen (German, 1098-1179)
O Orzchis Ecclesia: An Antiphonal Hymn


(Central Europe, 15th/16th Century)

from The Voynich Manuscript


Dwight Mackintosh (American, 1906-1999)

Image and Unknown Script


Adolf Wölfli (Swiss/German, 1864-1930)
Image and Text


Howard Finster (American, 1915-2001)

“Highway to Heaven” & “Guardian Angel”


Robert Walser (German, 1878-1956)



(Medieval Hebrew)

Masora Calligrams


Naftali Bacharach (Hebrew, 17th Century)

The 10 Sefirot as a Wheel of Light


John Clare (English, 1793-1864)

Untitled Letter (Vowelless Writing)


“Lord” Timothy Dexter (American, 1748-1806)

from A Pickle for the Knowing Ones; or Plain Truths in a Homespun Dress


(2nd Century B.C. – 5th Century A.D.)

Coptic & Greek Magical Papyri


Nakhman Of Breslov (Ukraine/Yiddish, 1772-1810)

The Burnt Book


Antonin Artaud (French, 1896-1948)

Spell for Roger Blin


Kuo-An Shih-yuan, (Chinese version, 12th Century)

The Ten Oxherding Pictures


George Herriman (American, 1880-1944)

from Krazy Kat


Ernst Herbeck (Austrian, 1920-1991)

Golden ABCs


(Shona, Zimbabwe, 20th Century)

African Praise Names: The Monkey, The Eland


Mikhl Likht (American/Yiddish, 1893-1953)

from Processions


Hannah Weiner (American, 1928-1997)

from A Clairvoyant Journal


Larry Eigner (American, 1927-1996)

from Air The Trees


Graham Reynolds, J.A. Lindon (English, 20th Century)

Four Palindromes


Lewis Carroll (English, 1832-1898)

10 Syllogisms


Eugene Field (American, 1850-1895)

from The Complete Tribune Primer


Félix Fénéon (French, 1861-1944)

from Faits Divers


(U.K., Contemporary)

from The Library of Unwritten Books


Anonymous (American, 20th Century)

Schizophrenic Definitions


James Tilly Matthews (English, 1770-1815), as transcribed by John Haslam

Air-Loom Machine


Sun Ra [Herman Poole Blount] (American, 1914-1993)

The Wisdom of Ra


Shea Zellweger (American, 1925-)

Objects Toward an Outsider Logic


Ludwig Wittgenstein (Austrian, 1889–1951)

from Philosophical Investigations

Graham Harman (American, 1968-)

On Vicarious Causation: A Latour Litany


Atlantic Spotted Dolphin (2010)

The Voice Of The Dolphin





Diogenes Of Sinope (Greek, 412 or 404 B.C.– 323 B.C.)

Six Event Pieces


(England, 1849)

A Christmas Play, Performed by the Derbyshire Mummers


(Quiché Maya, 15th Century A.D.)

Rabinal-Achí, Part Four


Harry Partch (American, 1901–1974)

Barstow: Eight Hitchhiker Inscriptions from a Highway Railing at Barstow, California


W. [Willis] T. Goodwin (American, 1935-2007)

from Easter Sunrise Sermon, 1971


Gilbert Eastman (American Sign Language, 1934-2006)

Epic: Gallaudet Protest




Armand Schwerner

Tablet VIII


John Bloomberg-Rissman

In The House of the Hangman #1731


Jerome Rothenberg

from A Further Witness, for Anselm Hollo