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Anthony Seidman

Three poems from 'That Beast in the Mirror' (2022)

Photo of Anthony Seidman by Jim Cardenas.
Photo of Anthony Seidman by Jim Cardenas.

Anthony Seidman is a poet translator from Los Angeles. His full-length translations include such classics of Mexican border literature as Smooth-Talking Dog (Deep Vellum) by Roberto Castillo Udiarte and A Stab in the Dark (LARB Classics) by Facundo Bernal. 

Poem at 100 M.P.H


When the engine growls,

when lane markers shoot

laser-white, and desert blurs

over windshield, dust,

cacti, sagebrush torched by

decades of drought, and the

mountains are waves that

Scott Ezell

from 'Journey to the End of the Empire: On the Road in Eastern Tibet,' with author's note

Camphor Press, 2022

From 'A Book of Americas' (in progress)

The collective Amereida poem, translated by Javier Taboada, with commentaries attached

From the first “travesía,” voyage, made in 1965
From the first “travesía,” voyage, made in 1965

Various authors



the journey reaches its height

as the eyes


its traveled soil

wouldn’t it reveal in the flesh

a rhythm

to start off a language?

Ricardo Cázares

New poems from 'So to Speak,' with translator’s note

Translated from Spanish by Joe Imwalle


(the rest

begins with brambles


                        mulberry trees sprouting

      at the base of the cypress

Ariel Resnikoff

From raisin in every bite (Furniture Press, 2022)

Author’s Note. raisin in every bite gathers and convenes devotional notebook poems at the threshold of dreams, where sleep meets afterlife in memory. These poems fly in flocks, in fabulous company of so many living and dead writers, in love and care for that great company, a ragtag translingual family of freaks and poets and outriders.