Jerome Rothenberg

Poems and poetics

Jerome Rothenberg and Sadie Rothenberg

'The Shadow of a Mad King' (1–7)

Poems and Images

a work in progress 



summoning the sacred voice

of Shelley

Toward a poetry and poetics of the Americas (34)

Diocelina Restrepo, 'What the Great Armadillo Said in Dreams to Me'

Narrated by Diocelina Restrepo, Yukpa People, Sokorpá, Colombia

Assembled and translated by Javier Taboada after Anne Goletz’s research

From Rothenberg and Taboada, the big book of the Americas, now in progress

“our food, the worm

“is among you

“we suffer, for our land has been burned

Jerome Rothenberg

A selection of books translated into other languages 2000–2021

announcement circa 2013 of a selected poems in Romanian
Announcement circa 2013 of a selected poems in Romanian.

[The dream, shared with many, was of a poetry that could reach across borders and languages, for which translation of course was the primary tool and the translators the ones who made it happen.  For me the process began even earlier than the forty twenty-first-century works that I’m highlighting here, my first translated books being Vroege Gedichten (Early poems), translated into Dutch/Flemish by Jan Mysjkin in 1960, and Poemas Gorky (The Gorky poems), translated into Spanish by Sergio Mondragón and Margaret Randall in 1966.

Jerome Rothenberg and Javier Taboada

El libro de las voces (a new book from Mexico)

[Just published by Mangos de Hacha and Universidad Autónima de Nuevo León in Mexico, the book consists of extended interviews along with poems, essays, correspondence, and performance & visual works, selected and translated from English by Javier Taboada. What follows is the English version of my own preface and opening poem, to give a small sense of what the book is intended to include. (J.R.)]


Jeffrey Robinson

On 'The Big Book of Homelessness'

People who have experienced homelessness have collaborated to make a medieval-style illuminated manuscript, based upon The Book of Hours, describing their daily lives.