Jerome Rothenberg

Poems and poetics

From 'Eye of Witness' (4): 'The Nature Theater of Oklahoma' (revisited)

[Originally published in Khurbn & Other Poems (New Directions, 1989), “The Nature Theater of Oklahoma” fell out of general circulation when I incorporated the title poems of that book along with Poland/1931 and The Burning Babe, into Triptych (2007). The principal reference points in the present set are a season spent in Oklahoma and the title of a chapter in Kafka’s Amerika, very much in my mind throughout that sojourn.

On the way: 'Poems for the Millennium, volume 4,' The University of California Book of North African Literature

[Edging toward two decades since the first publication of Poems for the Millennium in 1995, the University of California Press will shortly be publishing volume 4, both expanding & concentrating the focus into a 2000-year (two-millennium) mapping of Maghrebian (North African) literature with a range similar to what P

Norman Finkelstein: From 'Inside the Ghost Factory,' four poems & a note on the 'Forevertron'

Instructions for the King
 This is a horse: you may not ride him, nor even look upon him.

This is an armed man: you may not converse with him, nor even look
          upon him.

This is a ring: if it is broken you may wear it, but if it is whole you may
          not do so.

You may not wash your body, but you shall be bathed in the night while

Amy Catanzano: 'The Imaginary Present,' a poem & a commentary from Quantum Poetics

Nicolas Desprez, Attractor Poisson Saturne
Nicolas Desprez, Attractor Poisson Saturne

contemporary poetry
insert: poem here
insert: essay here call it:
essay-poem insert:
appropriated text
call it: poetry insert:
sound poem call it:
wave score insert:
visual poem call it:
if sound could see
claim: the text is dead
just schrödinger: the text!
insert: tired formatting
like strikethrough
fade: your erasures
use: basic font variations
insert: another footnote
please instead please
insert: some nu-sonnets
inject: the bacterium!

Outsider poems: a mini-anthology in progress (45): 'The Last Words of Dutch Schultz'

                                                Oh, stop it! Stop it! . . . Oh, Oh, Oh, Sure, sure,
                                                Mamma, etc.