Jerome Rothenberg

Poems and poetics

Amy Catanzano: 'The Imaginary Present,' a poem & a commentary from Quantum Poetics

Nicolas Desprez, Attractor Poisson Saturne
Nicolas Desprez, Attractor Poisson Saturne

contemporary poetry
insert: poem here
insert: essay here call it:
essay-poem insert:
appropriated text
call it: poetry insert:
sound poem call it:
wave score insert:
visual poem call it:
if sound could see
claim: the text is dead
just schrödinger: the text!
insert: tired formatting
like strikethrough
fade: your erasures
use: basic font variations
insert: another footnote
please instead please
insert: some nu-sonnets
inject: the bacterium!

Outsider poems: a mini-anthology in progress (45): 'The Last Words of Dutch Schultz'

                                                Oh, stop it! Stop it! . . . Oh, Oh, Oh, Sure, sure,
                                                Mamma, etc.

From 'Eye of Witness' (3): The poem as an act of witness

[It was with Heriberto Yépez, first in Ojo del Testimonio (2008) and now, in the process of coediting Eye of Witness: A Jerome Rothenberg Reader, that I found myself digging into earlier work to come to terms with the idea of witnessing as a basis and prod for my own poetics. With that in mind I have come to a slow understanding of how that idea, still in process, has been central both to my poetics and to that of various others, known and unknown to me. The following are some short excerpts from Eye of Witness, but the body of my work in different genres seems permeated by the concept, and I find myself more willing than ever to stand behind it. While I know that others would come at it quite differently, I read it now as a common thread for all we hope to know. That “all,” I wrote some years ago, includes the world, the present, as it comes and goes. I am a witness to it like everyone else, and all the experiments for me … are steps toward the recovery/discovery of a language for that witnessing. It can never be more clear than that, nor should it. (J.R.)]

Aaron McCollough: A preface to Jerome Rothenberg’s 'A Cruel Nirvana'

[What follows is Aaron McCollough’s preface to a gathering of three of my earlier books, currently out of print or with a handful of poems preserved in later editions of selected poems. The book – titled A Cruel Nirvana – marks the start of a new publishing venture, SplitLevel Texts, edited by McCollough & Karla Kelsey in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The other announced title in this new series of publications is Alan Gilbert’s The Treatment of Monuments. (J.R.)]

Jackson Mac Low: A poem from '154 Forties,' with the foreword by Anne Tardos

[From 154 Forties by Jackson Mac Low, to be published by Counterpath, Denver, Colorado, 2012]