Fracas in the hinterlands (PoemTalk #191)

Kenward Elmslie, "Core Bonus" & "One Night Stand"

From left: Henry Steinberg, Simone White & Wayne Koestenbaum


Wayne Koestenbaum, Simone White, and Henry Steinberg joined Al Filreis to talk about a poem and a song lyric by Kenward Elmslie. The poem is “Core Bonus” and the song is “One Night Stand.” As of the recording we had not located published/in-print version of “Core Bonus” but Elsmlie's PennSound page includes a record of it. “One Night Stand” was included in Routine Disruptions: Selected Poems and Lyrics (Coffee House Press, 1998). “Core Bonus” was performed during a Segue Series reading at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York on April 7, 2007. “One Night Stand” was sung by Elmslie at the Kelly Writers House on November 12, 2003, for an event titled “Snippets: A Gathering of Songs, Visual Collaborations, and Poems.” Hear the recordings:

[] “One Night Stand”: LINK TO AUDIO
[] “Core Bonus”: LINK TO AUDIO

The York Theater Company produced “Lingoland: A Musical Revue by Kenward Elmslie” and this show included a musical theater-style arrangement of “One Night Stand.” Jane Bodie’s performance can be heard HERE on YouTube and HERE at Apple Music.

This 191st episoide of our monthly podcast was engineered in the Wexler Studio of the Kelly Writers House by Zelda Godsey-Kellogg and Zach Carduner — and was edited, as always, by Zach Carduner.

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