Downgraded to scribble (PoemTalk #178)

Matvei Yankelevich, 'Dead Winter'

From left: Ahmad Almallah, Huda Fakhreddine, and Kevin Platt.


For this PoemTalk episode about Matvei Yankelevich’s book of poems (or book-length poem), Dead Winter (Fonograf, 2022), Al Filreis convened Kevin Platt, Huda Fakhreddine, and Ahmad Almallah to discuss four poems/sections from the work: “Winter comes calling” (7), “Winter have I lost your thread?” (12), “In a disjunctive age, disconsolate, without connection” (21), and “Winter and one more mine is the other guilt” (27). Our recording of these poems was made by Matvei just for PoemTalk and is available now at his PennSound page. (That PennSound author page, by the way, already includes a video recording of a conversation with Matvei himself about Dead Winter — joined by Kevin, Ahmad, and Al as well as a dozen or so of Ahmad’s students.)

“Winter comes calling”: TEXT; AUDIO
“Winter, have I lost your thread”: TEXT, AUDIO
“In a disjunctive age”: TEXT; AUDIO
“Winter and one more mine”: TEXT; AUDIO

Next time on PoemTalk Al Filreis will be talking with Pierre Joris, Charles Bernstein, and Jerome Rothenberg about one of the Tablet poems by Armand Schwerner.

This episode of PoemTalk was recorded and engineering by Paul Burke and Zach Carduner, and edited by Zach Carduner.