Commentaries - March 2015

Tom Raworth's As When: A Selection, forthcoming from Carcanet

image by Tom Raworth

As When

A Selection

Tom Raworth

Edited by Miles Champion


As When
is the selection I have waited for—the whole spread of a great poet’s work.- Fanny Howe


Outside & subterranean poetry (66): Gilbert Eastman, from 'Epic: Gallaudet Protest' (in American Sign Language)

[As publication draws nigh, the following will be my final excerpt from the forthcoming Barbaric Vast & Wild: A Gathering of Outside & Subterranean Poetry from Origins to Present, edited with commentaries by myself & John Bloomberg-Rissman and published by Black Widow Press as the fifth volume of Poems for the Millennium.  Earlier excerpts have been posted on Poems and Poetics over the last several years, referring to the work as “a mini-anthology in progress,” but the completed work will now appear as a 450 page assemblage to join the other volumes in the Poems for the Millennium series. (J.R.)]

A short interview with Marilyn Irwin

Marilyn Irwin : photo credit: John W. MacDonald
Marilyn Irwin : photo credit: John W. MacDonald

Marilyn Irwin’s poetry has been published by above/ground pressArc Poetry Magazine and Bywords and has or will appear in ottawaterThe Peter F. Yacht ClubNew American Writing, and Matrix Magazine, as well as the anthology Ground rules: the best of the second decade of above/ground press 2003-2013 (Chaudiere Books, 2013). The winner of the 2013 Diana Brebner Prize, her fourth and most recent chapbook is tiny (In/Words Press). A fifth chapbook is imminent. She lives with her two cats in Ottawa.

A brief history of Detroit experimentalism, by way of the Book Beat

Bordering Detroit to the northeast is the city of Oak Park. In the middle of Oak Park is Lincoln Shopping Center, a nondescript suburban strip mall, the kind that typically houses a Family Dollar, a liquor store, maybe a restaurant. Lincoln Center is also home to the Book Beat, an independent bookshop owned by Cary Loren. Like most great bookshops, Book Beat’s shelves are crowded and distracting, spilling onto the floor and crowding the aisles. Their offerings are wide-ranging, from art photography to New York Times best-selling fiction, but without any of the middling blandness that characterizes the big box corporate store. Book Beat feels serious and yet welcoming.

New Gertrude Stein recordings at PennSound

Edited by Chris Mustazza

We urge readers of Jacket2 to look at — and listen to — Gertrude Stein’s PennSound author page, where new recordings have now been linked.  Most who have encountered Stein’s mellifluous voice have heard it from Caedmon record TC 1050 (1956), either directly or via its digitization in PennSound.