Commentaries - January 2009

Change starts with ... (us?!)

We’re honored to be appearing today on the blog called “Family Favs,” in an entry called “Change Starts with You.” Here’s

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  • Illegible? Must be modern

    “Well, offhand, I’d say it was something by Ezra Pound.” (Published in Laughs from the Saturday Review of Literature and reprinted in the August 6, 19

    Creeley on Dylan

    During my conversation with Robert Creeley in April 2000, he described his appreciation for Bob Dylan. Here’s his three-minute response: MP3.

    Thanks to Jenny Lesser, the hour-long interview has been segmented topically. Go here for the recordings and see below for the list of topics.

    The sign didn't say nothin' on the other side

    Pete Seeger (born 1919) hasn’t been singing much the last few years. He’s lost his voice. We saw him about three years ago at an annual gathering of the veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Battalion of the Spanish Civil War and there he for the most part played banjo, joining in a few choruses.

    But yesterday Pete sang loudly and joyfully.