Ariel Goldberg and Rachel Levitsky

Social reading

A same time speed

Moyra Davey's 'The Problem of Reading'

MOYRA DAVEY Dictionaries, 1996 C-Print, 24 x 20 inches

Recently, on a frigid winter day, she found herself in her studio surrounded by layers of books and papers. From this mass of paper strewn all over the sunlit floor, she began to conjure up an image of it all coming together, the parts knitting themselves into a web or net capable of holding her in a sort of blissful suspension.

Language is the limitless body

Tracking erasure in HR Hegnauer's 'Sir'

Note: This is our (should we say "my"?) first post on a published manuscript. A book-length volume, Sir was published this past summer (2013) by Brenda Iijima's Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs, which also published an earlier chapbook version of the book, also called Sir, in May 2011. All quotes come from the recent volume.

“I understand now that this is what happens when a human and: the language won’t let us.” 

In HR Hegnauer’s Sir, the grandfather, known as Sir, buys cotton candy in the early morning on a school trip, for all the children he chaperones.  Far later the narrator's girlfriend sneaks this same Sir a Snickers bar while he is on life support.

A unified eye

On Jake Pam Dick's 'Lens (a translit)'

St. Light Bulb, drawing by Pam Dick (

Transcribed From A Conversation in Bryant Park Near the Noisy and Annoying Appearing of A Skating Rink

It’s hermetic!

JK2: 48 postulates: “I am my world: the homocosm.”

It’s this really strong assertion that there are no politics.

But Jake Pam Dick is a philosopher.

Spliced biographies and fantasies of people hilariously standing in, posturing, as philosophy (as critique, celebration, correction, of those people, and philosophy).

Those particular people: 

Then the issue of the whole, how to become it. The beautiful doesn’t have to be beautiful. Sublimity gave moral freedom or freedom of the aspect.  Cf. Kant (heard by Jakob), Spinoza (read by Georg), or the German Romantics (read by Jake/James). 

The physical is a social fact

The Poetry of Cheena Marie Lo

cheena marie lo sent us selections from two manuscripts: a series of un/natural/disasters and an untitled manuscript we will call its word doc name: they is a word or a form.

direct sunlight looking over 4725 dauphine street creates black shadow straight line broken by either an arch on a porch roof or just the way the light bends

The writing is protecting (part 2 of 2)

Some sh/email instigations by Julie Patton

In these emails there are the multiple proper names, who are not explained. There are names always doubled for their lexical word meaning and for address. Can you hear me?

Readings of ideology between lineation, phoneme. Writing about Belladonna*s Advancing Feminist Activism and Poetics (ADFEMPO) Conference at CUNY in 2009 then splintering off. In the image of the email (above), something is started. Cartoons of politicians: distilling the most searing image amidst tag along crackles of associations. Trickster like.