Commentaries - March 2016

After 'Barbaric Vast & Wild': A symposium & poetry festival


Outside-in / Inside-out

A Symposium / Poetry Festival on Outside and Subterranean Poetry                                                                           &nbsp

Twenty-six items from Special Collections (x)

Bibliography: Theocritus: The Idyllstranslated with an introduction and notes by Robert Wells (Penguin, 1988).

The Murder of Syrian Poet Mohammad Bashir al-Aani

via Arab Literature (in English) & mlynxqualey:

PEN International has condemned the murder of Mohammad Bashir al-Aani and his son Elyas in Deir al-Zour City "by the armed group calling itself Islamic State (IS)":

On Mahmoud Darwish’s birthday, a new translation of 'Dying for Free'

On the anniversary of the birth of the great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, a new translation by Naser Albreeky:

'Dying for Free'

Mahmoud Darwish

Author as ambassador?

I still hold a Luxembourg passport, and will keep holding it for ever — even though my US papers are in the works, or will be as soon as I'm home — that's Brooklyn now — for long enough for the paperwork to go out & come back. Some time last year the Luxembourg Centre National de Littérature wrote and asked me to contribute a little essay (1.500 signs) to the Bücher-Livres (i.e. Books) supplement of the left daily Tageblatt. The subject was phrased thus (my translation from French):