Commentaries - November 2008

Man pays utility bill with spider drawing

A man named David Thorne attempts to be his overdue utility bill with his drawing of a spider, which he values at a dollar figure exactly equal to the money he owes.

Blockbuster Zukofsky

Today PennSound proudly unveils the new Louis Zukofsky page, edited by Danny Snelson and done with the permission of Paul Zukofsky.

Kenyata listening to Mozart

Here’s a poem a particularly admire: from the early 1960s by LeRoi Jones (later Amiri Baraka), “Kenyata Listening to Mozart.” And here’s a link to a better view of the text. And here’s a link to a recording of Jones reading the poem in California in December 1964.

Believing in the world because it is impossible

My short piece on George Oppen’s poem “Myth of the Blaze” is currently appearing in Jacket 36: here. Thanks to Tom Devaney and John Tranter.