Commentaries - January 2008

Poetry at the end of ideology, version 12/07

Charles Bernstein tells us of the December 22 announcement made by Darien Credenza, head of the Amalgamated Writing Programs: a Morally Repugnant Poets-and-Theorists Exhibit will be held at the organization’s annual congress in New York. “Yes we have no ideology. We only have craft."

A call for an emodiment surplus

1] intro the lecturer & lecture series and say nice things overall
2] from the 3rd lecture the concept of "embodiment deficit" — which is the opposite of the state in which the body responds with multiple senses to experiences taken in by the brain and body at once.
3a] Stanford's podcast series — big implicit claims

Press kit for tiny tour

Typically the poet who wants to give regular readings has to travel a good deal. It's not surprising that a number of poets now make their verse available in blogs, as audio or video podcasts, etc.