Commentaries - January 2008

The inability to describe

Jan Karski (1914–2000), non-Jewish Polish member of the Polish underground government after the fall of Poland to the Germans, was persuaded by two Jewish leaders to make a visit to the Warsaw Ghet

Meanders by virtue of its form

Above is the original world wide web test pattern for the graphical interface (as opposed to text-only), dated 1994–95.

The unnatural is natural

A favorite William Carlos Williams poem:

"Lines" (1921)

Leaves are graygreen,

A little lap of Pepsi before I freak out

I drank milk, Mother, in my sheltered home.
I drank milk, and I ate honey-comb.
Now I'm eating goof balls, drinking rum and gall,
wine, and gin, and vodka, and wood alcohol.
Give me ten Tequilas, a jigger full of stout,
And a little lap of Pepsi before I freak out
In the reeling Jericho Bar.