Commentaries - December 2013

On Jerome Rothenberg's 82nd birthday: Online broadcast December 11

This exciting news comes to us from Charlie Morrow:

ROTHENBERG CELEBRATION: On December 11, 2013, celebrates poet Jerry Rothenberg's 82nd birthday with an online broadcast from producer Bent-Erik Rasmussen’s ICMM studios in Svinø, Denmark.  Danny Snelson will celebrate by launching the digital version of Jerry's New Wilderness Letter poetry journal.

BQH (Brooklyn-Queens High Line) for Citi of New York

As Michael Bloomberg leaves his 12-year reign as Mayor of New York, here are two suggestions for Bill de Blasio for continuing his predecessor’s legacy.

Box of Books

by Darin Klein

Box of Books at LA Art Book Fair
Box of Books at LA Art Book Fair

Box of Books is an annual project from Darin Klein & Friends. Each volume comprises a box filled with handmade publications created specifically for the occasion by 20 or so different artists and writers.

Box of Books, Vol. VI, 2013, edition of 150
Harold Abramowitz, Elijah Burgher, Jaqueline Cedar, Bernard Cooper, Garry Davis, Adam DeGraff, Jenna & Cali Thornhill deWitt, Hedi El Kholti, Johnnie JungleGuts, Jeremy Lucido, Scott McPherson, Mission Mini Comix, John Parot, Marina Pinsky, Andrew Printer, Peter Sebeckis, Lily Simonson, Vivian Sming, Jesse Spears, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, and Trevor Wayne