Commentaries - September 2013

Segue @ Zinc Bar / NY Fall 2013 calendar

this just in from James Sherry ––
Since 1978 our iconic series, started by Ted Greenwald and Charles Bernstein, has presented innovative writers from around the world. Do come to the Zinc Bar Saturdays from 4:30-6:30 starting October 5, 2013. We look forward to hosting the best new writers and to seeing you there.

curators - genji amino and daisy atterbury oct-nov - judah rubin and shiv kotecha dec-jan

[See early Ear Inn fliers, the fist site of Segue series, and listen to the recordings from the series at PennSound]

Jerome Rothenberg, from Eye of Witness: 'Toward an Omnipoetics' (excerpted from 'The Medusa' interview)

In dialogue with Rodrigo Garcia Lopes

 from J.R., The Leonardo Project
from J.R., The Leonardo Project

circa 1999, revised 2012

[This is the final prose piece in Eye of Witness: A Jerome Rothenberg Reader, which brings together aspects of my work in a range of forms & genres (poetry, prose, performance, plays, poetics, visual, verbal, & vocal).  Co-edited with Heriberto Yépez & published in early September by Joe Phillips & Black Widow Press. (J.R.)]

Il Gruppo responds to Rothenberg and Yepez

Editorial note: We received the following response to Jerome Rothenberg’s May 2013 commentary on Heriberto Yépez’s book The Empire of Neomemory (translated from Spanish by Jen Hofer, Christian Nager, and Brian Whitener, and published by ChainLinks in 2013).

Il Gruppo: Olson the Imperialist & The Empire of Neomemory

The following statement is a response to Heriberto Yépez’s El Imperio de la neomemoria, excerpts from which recently appeared in Jacket2 under Jerome Rothenberg’s commentary page. In 2007, the book appeared in Spanish. It was recently translated as The Empire of Neomemory. In recent months, the book has received notice while its assumptions remain unquestioned. Its editors wrote:

This work is a dismantling of [Charles] Olson, and of empire, and yet it is also clearly an inside job, a book that could only be written by someone who had spent hours thinking with and through — and beyond — Olson.

The writing is protecting (part 2 of 2)

Some sh/email instigations by Julie Patton

In these emails there are the multiple proper names, who are not explained. There are names always doubled for their lexical word meaning and for address. Can you hear me?

Readings of ideology between lineation, phoneme. Writing about Belladonna*s Advancing Feminist Activism and Poetics (ADFEMPO) Conference at CUNY in 2009 then splintering off. In the image of the email (above), something is started. Cartoons of politicians: distilling the most searing image amidst tag along crackles of associations. Trickster like.

The writing is protecting (part 1 of 2)

Some sh/email instigations by Julie Patton

This writing on Julie Patton's writing is done from a set of collected but non chronological and selected randomly emails sent or forwarded by Julie Patton to Rachel Levitsky. The emails are various and organized in no particular order here. A more sustained editorial effort by the poet and fiction writer Barbara Henning will support a book length project of Patton's emails, to be published by Belladonna* Collaborative.

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