The writing is protecting (part 2 of 2)

Some sh/email instigations by Julie Patton

In these emails there are the multiple proper names, who are not explained. There are names always doubled for their lexical word meaning and for address. Can you hear me?

Readings of ideology between lineation, phoneme. Writing about Belladonna*s Advancing Feminist Activism and Poetics (ADFEMPO) Conference at CUNY in 2009 then splintering off. In the image of the email (above), something is started. Cartoons of politicians: distilling the most searing image amidst tag along crackles of associations. Trickster like.

Defining (negations) usa military culture bumping hips with Nation of Islam in sharing ideology.

Freely expansive reach for imagery: high low, spirit and politics. There is Charleston Heston’s Moses to describe an eternal event narrated by Shamans in the Yucatan.

Julie is recording angel, recording other recording angels.

>Thanks for listening" (as King Arcey would say) and "thanks cyberspace">> for mimicing that which travels at the speed of light because I'm about to>> step away from this headache inducing wall of glare

The frame of the email for the writing reminds me of Hito Steyerl. I just got The Wretched of the Screen e-flux journal book of her essays at the International Center of Photography Triennial. I am thinking about the full throttle anti-nostalgia and work with the degradation that we need to feel the groundlessness and infinite reproducibility of the image as trade for the printed photograph. The email as poem is in a similar exchange.

I agree with you that Steyerl is a perfect match for Patton.

Role of the poet is to sing it in many ways, ever over.

I will ask her if we can use this quote.

>Laid an egg in my head about side broads, egg girlfriends and howl. >An anti In Ass A moanyfisto? …> Can tell em anything. That the verizon is both vertical and horizontal, has omniscient omnipresent and oppressive powers ever broadening.> That plain ol bards lack the passion and shooting spirit of passiflora> so shd stay home and beat their beaks against the oven and rent >their clothes. Their children will become egg whites. 

I wish this was the new national anthem. Or call to arms.

Real time measure of time and the times.

Cross-reference, the analyses of ideology and character, not unintentional to place a historical hero next to a villain/demon.

Assertion that, the catalog (Whitman, Waldman, Baraka) that keeping it all in the present and visible, is possible, against the distractions of consumption. Continuing that work of witness, of record. An Ars poetica – Julie Patton's Poetics of Time.

>> Our Sun, who art in heaven, is at its lowest point, on the longest night
>> drive home, the most profound descent into the dark of no globe ball
>> warming, we too, offer to take the time to turn inward, reflect on the
>> nature of existence for all on the farce of the earth, pay our UNION dues,
>> meditate in SOLidarity and stillness with the SOL mysteriously rising and
>> falling in the same SETTING! the same SUNSPOT for a few days.

Instructions, practice, practical means don’t lose sight of body, of ability to do these things, in reference to the south American shamans.

I am thinking about how I want Julie patton to write opeds for the NYTimes. 

Here she is talking about her invitation to AWP panel talk proposed by HR Hegnauer on the poet/professor Akilah Oliver, whose passing surprised and devastated us in February 2011:

>Hello! I sure hope you & the teddy bears are hibernating well. >Rest yr sould. Abt Akilah...I found out that one must register & pay!!! I don't live in a >cash economy, travel w/my good gardens (true) and the rest is beans. >But I have an idea which I shared with Tonya who had Akilahs wings wrapped >tight around her...the memory of her loss insuring the care of another. >And so it goes. Lessons learned the yard way of dropping seeds. Anyway, re >past, I imagined we could set a table, serve tea and its cohorts (cookies, a cake baked by Foster asthetics) >and carry on a public conversation dialogue >q&a rhythmics about A. The conversation wd just flow but of course we could have points of discussion> written down her books for readings relative >to & end w/ed. bowes film? Whose on panel? Is it true each must pay $80.00?> Is it true you are sweet' precious and kind? and the devil is a gingrich >newt and we are blacks entitled to subtract a negative from a hole in the ground?> What would Akilah say about this? Having nothing the poor are >entitled to suck even less nothing from zero in a country wealthy off free labor> and land wanting more but not even makes me want to become >religious and rent my clothes as home embodiless mess >sigh a black jewish asian native in dios aboriginal venus de willin to come kick they infernal >blabbermouth gunrighteous ass.

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I wish I knew Akilah. 

The snapshot is the means of communication through a small phone, no computer. Shooting out into the world of friends, assertion, exists, non alienation, despite odds.

It goes on and on, bounces off the keyboard.

Wait!!! Before we end, I want to point to Julie Patton's wide reach--the way, ironic that she writes on a motoBLUR--her poetics, politics, love, activism, collage, homemaking, community building, gardening, ecotrembling, friendship can never but all be fully intersecting like water hyacinth. Here is Julie writing a massive project, The Salon des Refusés (art gallery/residence and community network in Cleveland's East Side) for About Place Journal, which is edited by The Black Earth Institute Fellows (shout out to LaTasha Diggs, Marcella Durand and Patricia Spears Jones.)