Commentaries - May 2011

Mark Wallace, 'New Solutions to New Problems Might Be New Problems'

From Jacket #23 (August 2003)

New Solutions to New Problems Might be New Problems
The Individual as Social Process: Writer and Self in the Work of Nick Piombino

Of all the poets associated with language writing, Nick Piombino focuses most directly on the problem of the individual, both as writer and as source of experience. While the theoretical focus of most language writers can be said to be socialist and materialist, Piombino’s use of psychoanalytic theory and his experience as a practicing psychoanalyst marks him as different in focus while at the same time his work is closely related to language writing.

Creeley reading at CUE Art Foundation, January 18, 2005

screenshot of video of Robert Creeley reading at CUE in 2005

The recording of this reading was segmented into thirteen poems just yesterday. Go here to see the special PennSound page devoted to this event:

When I Think (2:22): MP3
War (0:59): MP3
Talking (1:08): MP3
Paul (1:49): MP3
Old Song (0:53): MP3
Oh, do you remember (2:22): MP3
Mediterranean I (1:17): MP3
Mediterranean II (1:39): MP3
Jumping with Jackson (1:23): MP3
Shimmer (4:01): MP3
Sad Walk (1:32): MP3
The Red Flower (2:54): MP3
Old Story from The Diary of Francis Kilver (1:13): MP3

Andrew Lampert video

"Verse for Drunks" at the Bowery Poetry Club (NY)

Talking with Gina Caciolo of Stamped Books

At the LA Times Book Festival, Gina Caciolo gifted me a copy of How To Ride A Bicycle in Pittsburgh, the first chapbook from Stamped Books. I was touched by her generosity and amazed by the craftsmanship of the chapbook. After returning home, I became curious about Stamped Books, so I checked out their website. What struck me: they document every step of how they made the chapbook! I really love this because it made me feel part of the entire process, from mock ups to final product. Usually my relationship to a press is simply through the product, or through the product and its editors (who I may happen to know). Never before had I felt this intimately involved in the process of actually making the book that I had just read.