Commentaries - February 2008

Post-9/11 podcast

Today we're releasing a new Kelly Writers House podcast — number 14 in our series. This one is a brief excerpt from "Finding the Words," talks and readings about (somehow) Marianne Moore in connection with 9/11.

Beat novel written by Karl Marx

Mike Hennessey was browsing used books and came across John Clellon Holmes' 1952 novel - sometimes said to be the "first Beat novel" - Go, opened it up and found graf

The revolutionist stops for orangeade

photo credit: Lawrence Schwartzwald/Splashnews
Yes, here's Patti Smith reading the recent Cambridge Companion to Wallace Stevens. The photograph was taken by Lawrence Schwartzwald, who just happened to see this and marvel at the apt juxtaposition.

I've got an essay in that collection, right around where Patti has the book opened. I like to think she's reading me.