Commentaries - February 2008

a public language both could have spoken

After listening to PT #3, Louis Cabri wrote us in response to Oppen's use of "Ballad" - not a "realized form" but nonetheless telling:

like I've just discovered it

We find a quick early response to PT#3 on the blog of Tom Devaney:

"[E]ven though I've read the poem numerous times, I feel like I've just discovered it today because this conversation (and recording of Oppen) sent me back to it. Above all, what I like best about the conversation here is its openness."

...and coming soon

Yes, Charles Bernstein sings Ginsberg singing Blake on the next installment of PoemTalk.

PoemTalk on Oppen released

PoemTalk's third episode — on George Oppen's "Ballad" — is just out. Please have a listen and let me know what you think. As always, I'm at afilreis [at] writing [dot] upenn [dot] edu.