Commentaries - June 2011

A little inaugural poem (2001)

Deirdre Kovac read "a little inaugural poem" early in 2001. The occasion was a celebration of Crayon magazine's issue number 3. The event also featured Andrew Levy, Andrew Mossin and Chris Daniels. Kovac read nine poems in all that night. The entire event was recorded and is presented on its own PennSound page.

New York art walk

Richard Tuttle, Julio Galan, Donald Judd, Chaim Soutine

Soutine/Bacon, Helly Nahmad Gallery
be sure to check out the "virtual tour"
Two by Soutine (second is my detail):

Portrait of a Man with a Felt Hat
, c. 1921–22

Melting Middle Class


The middle class is melting today -- even faster than “DEMOCRACY,” Ligorano-Reese's last ice sculpture, at Jim Kempner Fine Art, 501 West 23 Street, New York (you can see the work till about 8pm tonight).

I asked the artists whether the melting middle class was a good thing or not: wouldn't that heighten the contradictions? They couldn't go there ...

Scum manifesto and stating the facts (Vanessa Place)

Today we at PennSound have segmented Vanessa Place's Segue Series reading at the Bowery Poetry Club. The reading took place on March 27, 2010. Here are the two pieces she read that day:

  1. Scum Manifesto (11:28): MP3
  2. Stating the Facts (19:27): MP3

For much more of Place's work, visit her PennSound page.

Collective Generation artists' books show in Paris

collective generation

« Au Plaisir du Livre »  : « Collectif Génération » et les nouvelles perspectives du livre d’artiste

the grand series published by Gervais Gassaud.
Librairie Auguste Blaizot, Paris