Commentaries - May 2009

Sitting shiva

On an otherwise sad day (yesterday), Miriam explores with the garden-expert calico.

His books were like vaccines

By the time Michael Cunningham showed up to talk with my students they were already in love with him — with the prose of The Hours (but, to be sure, we’d read each of C’s nove

Inescapable rhythms

The chamber group pictured here a decade ago decided to name itself “The Eighth Blackbird,” having rejected several o

Russell Banks

Russell Banks visited for two days in 2004. He was introduced by Jamie-Lee Josselyn, fellow northern New Englander.

The sun is still not the sun

In the past four months Matthew Abess, Cecilia Corrigan, Ned Eisenberg, Kim Eisler, Trisha Low, and Kaegan Sparks explor