Commentaries - February 2009

Ron Silliman reading at KWH earlier tonight

Ron read a sampling from the 1000-page The Alphabet, taking sections in (why not?) alphabetical order. He ended with a beautiful piece from VOG about Larry Eigner. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him read so well. He was on.

Here’s the video recording of the event.

Visiting the kiss on V-Day

On Valentine’s Day, Jane and I paid a visit to the great Arensberg rooms at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and stood for a long while in front of Brancusi’s “The Kiss” (1908).

KWH-TV 2/24 10:30 am (eastern): Robert Coover

I invite you to join experimental novelist Robert Coover and me in a conversation on Tuesday morning, February 24, starting at exactly 10:30 AM (eastern time).