Commentaries - November 2008

Your PennSound daily

Mike Hennessey, PennSound’s Managing Editor, daily composes your PennSound daily. That’s Mike, looking at us on the right.

Jack on Long Island

Last year, the folks at went out to Northport, Long Island, where Jack Kerouac lived from 1958 throu

Tapeworm foundry on KWH-TV

An opening for TAPEWORM
a collaborative exhibition based on Darren Wershler-Henry’s
The Tapeworm Foundry (and/or the dangerous prevalence of imagination)

On your holiday list

A short but sweet review of my recent book appeared yesterday on Tom Devaney’s blog, here. Upon which one reader commented: “On my holiday list!” (Yes, go ahead, shop this depressed season!)

At the North Carolina Press site you can buy your copy easily.

Wide circulation

Our 12th PoemTalk show is being released this week. Here it is. You’ve not heard PoemTalk yet?