Commentaries - March 2008

The end of the lecture (redux)

At Stanford University in the fall of 2007, Greg Niemeyer taught a lecture course on the history of computing.

lineage of Ginsberg's vocal warble

In response to PT #4, Tim Carmody writes: "Ginsberg's recordings of Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience plays a larger role in pop music history than you might expect.

Little pop ditties

Mike Hennessey responds to PoemTalk #4 - our show about Ginsberg singing Blake.

similarly addicted to Ginsberg LP

Mike Hennessey's blog, "A Crash Course in Counter-Intelligence", riffs off PoemTalk #4 helpfully:

I look forward to each new PoemTalk for the sharp insights of its panelists..., but this is the first episode that covers both a poet and a poem with which I’m intimately familiar...