Commentaries - January 2009

Poe at 200

TTom Devaney hosted “A Murder of Ravens” at the Writers House last night — a celebration of Poe’s 200th.

On love & reading

I started teaching at the university level in ’79 — that’s thirty years ago. In that time I’ve received thousands of student evaluations through the institutional bubble forms.

Dial-a-poem in P&W

The piece is called “Pause the Podcast and Dial-a-Poem”: here.

Once again, the case against political poetry

David Yezzi of the New Criterion opined on Obama’s choice of Elizabeth Alexander to give the inaugural poem, in the Wall Street Journal, Friday, January 9, 2009. It’s been linked variously. Most of what he says seems apt, reasonable and in fact obviously true about the situation and the choice.

I have/you want, I give/you take, I am/you aren't

The lecture: a nineteenth-century pedagogical mode that lived past its time into the twentieth century, an inefficient method by which the notes of the teacher become the notes of the student without passing throug