Charles Bernstein

Marginalia for Susan Howe's 'Spontaneous Particulars: The Telepathy of Archives'

My annotations, made for the first performance of the essay for the Trilling lecture at Columbia on Nov. 31, 2011:


Nick Montfort at Kelly Writers House

photo: © Charles Bernstein, 2015

In Nick Montfort's new book from #!, from Counterpath, he uses this code to generate the poems. I like the code as a poem in/as itself. 

Lorelei: Heine translations from 'Shadowtime'

Lorelei Fountain i/ Heine Mermorial in The Bronx

Henry Hills is in the process of making a film in and around the letter “H” — and for that he is using my homophonic translation of  Harry (Heinrich) Heine’s “Die Lorelei,” with images of the The Bronx Lorelei Foundation. I recorded a reading of the poem for him last week, along with the rest of  my libretto for “Seven Tableaux Vivants Representing the Angel of History as Melancholia,” Scene 6 of Brian Ferneyough’s opera, Shadowtime.

'1–100' (1969)

1–100: MP3
The original title of this work was “1,100,” as I discovered when I stumbled on the original reel and box.

Poetics: (The next) 25 years conference at Suny-Buffalo, April, 2016

Bernstein, Howe, Creeley in 1992 at Buffalo. Howe & Bernstein will be at conference. which will include a tribute to Creeley