Truths of outrage and truths of possibility

by Evelyn Reilly

Doctor MAGA, ©2020 Sue Coe Courtesy Galerie St. Etienne, New York
‘Doctor MAGA,’ ©2020 Sue Coe Courtesy Galerie St. Etienne, New York

In this election season my desk is littered with post-it notes, images, and quotes:

Patterns of Animus

A new poem by Rochelle Owens

[For some years now, Rochelle Owens has been a regular contributor to Poems and Poetics and,  before that, a key part of the poetry world which many of us have shared with her. Of the power of her work Marjorie Perloff has written: “brilliantly inventive, immensely learned, sophisticated, and witty in its conceits. She is, in many ways, a proto-language poet, her marked ellipses, syntactic oddities, and dense and clashing verbal surfaces.

Charles Bernstein and Richard Tuttle's 'Echologs'

Charles Bernstein and Richard Tuttle, Echologs

After the poetry match in Virgil’s Eclogues, III

with an appendix comparing earlier translations.

To all’s high, guys! everything that echoes!,
what gives ground and by Jove’ll cure our songs.

But it’s me that beauty loves!; all her charms
surround, crowns of sweetest ruddy roses

Jackqueline Frost: 'The Antidote' // 2013

History is not sucker free

Jackie and I had already been hanging out a lot during the summer of 2011, when a series of Anticut marches protesting austerity roved through downtown Oakland as one symptom of the roiling discontent in the wake of the Arab Spring that would shortly manifest in Occupy. Police attention had grown more acute with each march, and there was a moment during the last protest where I was sure she had been cordoned off for arrest, as I’d been in 2008. The old panic rose up in me, but thankfully I was mistaken.

Heriberto Yépez

'A Sketch on Globalization & Ethnopoetics'

[The essay by Yépez following the translation, below, of Jean Louis Battre’s Portuguese poem, “The Cave,” is reposted here as a tribute and acknowledgement of the work and thought of Mexican poet Heriberto Yépez in the development of a future-facing ethnopoetics from a perspective outside the familiar US nexus. It was originally published in the radical magazine R.A.U.L. / Red Anarcho Utopista Libre in May 2012, and a related work by Yépez, “Ethnopoetics.