Strange definitions

Kenna O'Rourke

Three capsule reviews of weird vocabularies: Cannibal by Safiya Sinclair, Encyclopédie of the Common & Encompassing by Allison Campbell, and Confessional Sci-fi: A Primer by Kirsten Kaschock.

Political emotion

Talking about the political present requires a technology of public speech, but the constructs public and speech have shifted. Inside personal display cases of glass and crystal, upon screens actual or imagined, language takes on a speechified address to a dispersed and uneven public. In a series of somatic plays, Face Down by Brian Whitener faces the distance of political abstraction, the politics of affective life, the impossibility of writing in the political present.

David Wojnarowicz's 'Arthur Rimbaud in New York'

Rimbaud Icon: a t-shirt
Rimbaud Icon: a t-shirt

The following is an excerpt, with additions and edits for clarity, from the essay Our Rimbaud Mask forthcoming from Ugly Duckling Presse this fall. 

7th CAAP Convention in Wuhan, December 2018

The Chinese/American Association for Poetry and Poetics

The tenth anniversary conference of the Chinese/American Association for Poetry and Poetics  will be held in Wuhan, China / December 7–10, 2018, hosted by Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China. Co-sponsored by Center for English Literatures of Central China Normal University, Foreign Literature StudiesInternational Journal of Poetry and Poetics, and Journal of Foreign Language and Literature