Charles Bernstein

CAAP November 2019 in Hangzhou: CFP

The 8th International Conference of the Chinese/American Poetry and Poetics (CAAP)
Hangzhou, China / November 1-3, 2019

Hosted by
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and
Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China
Co-sponsored by
Chinese Department, Fudan University
Center for English Literatures of Central China Normal University,
Foreign Literature Studies (Journal)
International Journal of Poetry and Poetics (Journal), and
Foreign Language and Literature Research (Journal)

Carolee Schneemann on Hannah Weiner

Carolee Schneemann (2007) by Emma Bee Bernstein; Hannah Weiner and and Kitella (1967) by Schneemann

In late January of 2016, I phoned Carolee Schneemann and we talked for an hour or so. I had invited her to share her memories and impressions of Hannah Weiner, part of an oral history I have been compiling. What follows is a selective transcript of her remarks, with some clarifications in parentheses and interpellations in brackets. When I learned that Schneemann had passed away last week, I went back to the recording. She was generous, spirited, and finally thankful that I was working to raise awareness about Hannah Weiner’s work. I gathered from the conversation that she felt a strong kinship with Weiner. Those who have studied Weiner’s career know that its continuities are sometimes overlooked and that she dearly sought to be understood, as much as her work was in some sense a process of understanding. I think Carolee understood it. After all, she was there. 
— Patrick Durgin, 3/11/19

Conversations and essays

As Jason Robards in a poet’s theater work by Brian Kim Stefans.

Recent interviews
Runa Bandyopadhyay (West Bengal), Kitaab, March 8, 2019 
Fredrik Hertzberg The Shimmering of the Transitory: An Interview with Charles Bernstein” (2001) with an Introduction by Lauri Ramey, Journal of Foreign Languages and Cultures 2, no. 2 (December 2018): pdf

Sherry Bernstein: Funeral Program

Riverside Memorial Chapel, New York, 11am, Nov. 2, 2018
Charles Bernstein, officiating

Sherry Bernstein (Feb. 2, 1921–Oct. 27, 2017): obituary (Jacket2, October 28, 2018)


New from University of Chicago Press: paper, cloth, e-book has also published an audiobook of my reading of the full work.