Charles Bernstein

S/N: NewWorldPoetics –– announcing our 4th issue

Mario Arteca, tr. G.J. Racz 

Lila Zemborain, tr. Gabriel Amor

Fransisco Madariaga, tr. Molly Weigel

Esteban Peicovich, tr. G.J. Racz 

Barbara Guest, tr. Arcadio Leos 

Poetics / Poeticas

Meanwhile | Daniel Freidemberg

de Ojos del testimonio | Jerome Rothenberg, tr. Heriberto Yépez

S/N: NewWorldPoetics -- issue #3, free pdf

download pdf, volume 1, number 3
our fourth issue will be released shortly
issues one and two available at the S/N web site

Etudes anglaises: Flirting with form – Experimental poetry and contemporary audacity

issue #2, 2012

order from Klincksieck, Paris.

Penelope GALEY-SACKS : Introduction. A Field of New Voicings