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Al Filreis named Chronicle of Higher Ed top 10 tech innovators

Making His MOOC an 'Outreach for Poetry'

By Steve Kolowich
Chronicle of Higher Education, April 29, 2013

Teaching students how to read and analyze experimental poetry can be hard enough in a small seminar class. Leading the same class in an online classroom of 36,000 far-flung learners might strike some as a fool's errand.

Al Filreis, a 57-year-old professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania, disagrees. Many believe that massive open online courses are more suitable for teaching mathematics and hard sciences, ruled as they are by laws, formulas, and right-or-wrong answers.

But Mr. Filreis, an early pioneer of MOOCs in the humanities, believes the MOOC format is in many ways ideal for his course, "Modern & Contemporary American Poetry." In fact, he thinks the MOOC version of his course is just as academically rigorous as the classroom version he has taught for 25 years.

THE INNOVATOR: Al Filreis, U. of Pennsylvania

THE BIG IDEA: MOOCs can bring humanities courses to the masses.

The key, he says, is being willing to get your hands dirty.

Berrigan's Sonnets and Ashbery/Brainard's Vermont Notebook, in French translation

f0r previews:  click on the cover images of Berrigan and Ashbery/Brainard
that appear after book descriptions.

Lytle Shaw's Fieldworks from UAlabama Press -- with discounts galore


Celebrating the Publication of Lytle Shaw's


Lytle Shaw
6 x 9 * 304 pages

Fieldworks offers a historical account of the social, rhetorical, and material attempts to ground art and poetry in the physicality of a site.

L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E ¡CONTRAATACA!: Poéticas selectas (1975-2011) [Spanish translation], ed. Heriberto Yepez

from Aldus, Mexico City

Heriberto Yépez (coord.)
Prólogo de Eduardo Espina
Traducciones de Mario Bogarín, Alejandro Espinoza Galindo, Hugo García Manríquez, Mayra Luna, Erneto Livon-Grosman,  y Heriberto Yépez
free pdf of entire book here.

Dean Drummond (1949-2013)

photo: Mike Peters

The world swirls around me
It's a mystery I'm here at all
The world swirls around me
It's a mystery I'm standing here at all
Got a telegram from eternity
Said it was time for me to call


There's no time like the present
And the present's already gone
No time like the present
And the present it's already gone