Charles Bernstein

S/N: NewWorldPoetics -- pdf of issue 4 now available

 V.I, N.4 (PDF)
August 2012

N. American poetry/poetics translatd into Spanish, Latin American poetry/poetics translated into English.

edited by Charles Bernstein and Eduaro Espina

Mario Arteca, tr. G.J. Racz 
Lila Zemborain, tr. Gabriel Amor
Fransisco Madariaga, tr. Molly Weigel
Esteban Peicovich, tr. G.J. Racz 
Barbara Guest, tr. Arcadio Leos

Poetics / Poeticas
Meanwhile | Daniel Freidemberg
de Ojos del testimonio | Jerome Rothenberg, tr. Heriberto Yépez
Una semana de blogs para la Fundación de Poesía | Kenneth Goldsmith, tr. Néstor Cabrera Quesada
Escritura y experiencia | Nick Piombino, tr. Néstor Cabrera Quesada
Francisco Madariaga, mi padre, el poeta del trino blanco y el oro del amor | Lucio L. Madariaga
Interview w Francisco Madariaga | Silvia Guerra
LINEbreak: Barbara Guest en 1995 | Charles Bernstein, tr. Arcadio Leos 

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Disfiguring Abstraction: a performance at MoMA on April 3

Disfiguring Abstraction
a performance at the Museum of Modern Art on April 3, 2013 at 12:30pm in the Inventing Abstraction show on the sixth floor of the museum, assembling under the Network Connections sign at the beginning of the exhibition. Part of the series Uncontested Spaces: Guerrilla Readings in Kenneth Goldsmith's "Poet Laureate" program. This reading is a supplement to "Disfiguring Abstraction," an essay on the Inventing Abstraction show forthcoming in the Spring 2013 issue of Critical Inquiry (which begins with these aphorisms and first paragraph):




You can be a museum or you can be modern, but you can’t be both.                                                          
––Gertrude Stein to Alfred Barr

No painting is so figurative that under certain conditions it will not look abstract.
––after Oscar Wilde

What color is abstraction? It can’t just be white. Its invention in time (for example, 1910 or 1912) only means that it creates a holding space for abstractions from other times and places. To centrally locate one locus of abstraction would be to diminish the radicality of abstraction’s connections to its others – or its engendering of its others.

Recantorium: trilingual edition from Gammm (pdf)

new pdf ebook of "Recantorium" at
English original + French & Italian translation.
RECANTORIUM (a bachelor machine, after Duchamp after Kafka)

Poetics versus philosophy symposium at Texas A & M University, April 11-13, 2013

Eduard Espina, symposium organizer, with Diane Rolnick, José María Antolín, Óscar Berrio, Theodore George, Kristi Sweet, Laura Mandell, Jorge Vanegas

Poetics Versus Philosophy: Life, Artifact, and Theory
Texas A & M University,
April 11,12,13, 2013

symposium website
including full program

launch of
Marjorie Perloff
La Escalera de Wittgenstein
Charles Bernstein
L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E ¡CONTRAATACA! Poéticas selectas (1975-2011)
ed./tr. Heriberto Yepez,et al., intro. Eduardo Espina,