Charles Bernstein

Thomas McEvilley (July 13, 1939 – March 2, 2013)

Dec, 15, 2011 at M/E/A/N/I/N/G launch. Photo © Lawrence Schwartzwald (No reproduction without express permission)

New Langton Arts residency, January 1983 (PennSound)

Charles Bernstein, New Langton Arts residency
San Francisco, January 1983

Single from reading Jan. 28:
"Entitlement" with Lyn Hejinian as Liubov Popova, Jean Day as Jenny Lind and Bernstein as John Milton: (11:51): MP3

A Conversation with David Antin: pdf of full 2002 Granary Book

Steve Clay of Granary Books has just released a pdf of the book I did with David Antin in 2002, including our long conversation and Antin's Album Notes

download free pdf