Charles Bernstein

L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E ¡CONTRAATACA!: Poéticas selectas (1975-2011) [Spanish translation], ed. Heriberto Yepez

from Aldus, Mexico City

Heriberto Yépez (coord.)
Prólogo de Eduardo Espina
Traducciones de Mario Bogarín, Alejandro Espinoza Galindo, Hugo García Manríquez, Mayra Luna, Erneto Livon-Grosman,  y Heriberto Yépez
free pdf of entire book here.

Dean Drummond (1949-2013)

photo: Mike Peters

The world swirls around me
It's a mystery I'm here at all
The world swirls around me
It's a mystery I'm standing here at all
Got a telegram from eternity
Said it was time for me to call


There's no time like the present
And the present's already gone
No time like the present
And the present it's already gone

Dominique Fourcade and Charles Bernstein in conversation on modernism, abstraction, & Stein

Henri Matisse, Woman with a Hat, 1905.

Dominique Fourcade and Charles Bernstein in conversation
"La poétique, l'écriture de la poésie et l'invention du modernism"
(Poetics, the writing of poetry, and the invention of modernism)
presentated at the  Gertrude Stein and the Arts  conference, which was part of the Matisse, Cézanne, Picasso... L’aventure des Stein 
at the Grand Palais in Paris  (same as  "The Steins Collect" at SF MoMA now at the Met (in NY). 

Oct. 21, 2011. (1:05:45): MP3
the conversation in entirely in English
courtesy PennSound

L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E POETICS: 2 volume Chinese translation of selected essays and poems by Charles Bernstein

by Charles Bernstein
translated by Luo Lianggong, et al.
Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, Feb 2013
ISBN  978-7-5446-3021-4 / I-0229
190 pages

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 V.I, N.4 (PDF)
August 2012

N. American poetry/poetics translatd into Spanish, Latin American poetry/poetics translated into English.

edited by Charles Bernstein and Eduaro Espina

Mario Arteca, tr. G.J. Racz 
Lila Zemborain, tr. Gabriel Amor
Fransisco Madariaga, tr. Molly Weigel
Esteban Peicovich, tr. G.J. Racz 
Barbara Guest, tr. Arcadio Leos

Poetics / Poeticas
Meanwhile | Daniel Freidemberg
de Ojos del testimonio | Jerome Rothenberg, tr. Heriberto Yépez
Una semana de blogs para la Fundación de Poesía | Kenneth Goldsmith, tr. Néstor Cabrera Quesada
Escritura y experiencia | Nick Piombino, tr. Néstor Cabrera Quesada
Francisco Madariaga, mi padre, el poeta del trino blanco y el oro del amor | Lucio L. Madariaga
Interview w Francisco Madariaga | Silvia Guerra
LINEbreak: Barbara Guest en 1995 | Charles Bernstein, tr. Arcadio Leos 

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