Jerome Rothenberg

Poems and poetics

Jerome Rothenberg

'Reading Celan' (1959, 1995, 2020) for the hundredth anniversary of Paul Celan's birth

First read at International Paul Celan Symposium, Maison des Ecrivains,

Paris, 1995

Reposted & rededicated to Pierre Joris, il miglior traduttore, 2020


Toward a poetry and poetics of the Americas (29)

Alison Knowles and Jim Tenney, from 'The House of Dust' (1967)

[In our hemispheric anthology of the Americas (from origins to present), Javier Taboada and I are including this pioneer work of computer-generated poetry for a section of “extensions” beyond our normative ideas of poetry that begins with pre-Columbian hieroglyphics and moves on from there to the here-and-now.  Our work-in-progress will be published by the University of California Press in the next year or two. (J.R.)]


A house of dust

Eliot Cardinaux

New poems from 'Around the Faded Sun,' for Paul Celan and Osip Mandelstam

[Recent work by Eliot Cardineax turns a new twist on Robert Duncan’s dictum: “I am not an experimentalist or an inventor, but a derivative poet, drawing my art from the resources given by a generation of masters.” In his derivations from Celan and Mandelstam, along with the author’s note attached thereto, Cardineaux’s poetry and poetics stands as a refutation, too, to Harold Bloom’s “anxiety of influence” as a necessary foundation for strong poets and strong poetry.

Toward a Poetry and Poetics of the Americas (28)

Three Poems by Jorge Eduardo Eielson (Peru, 1924–2006) with commentaries

Translations from Spanish by David Shook


from 4 SEASONS


take this rectangle of paper in spring at a temperature of 17 degrees over zero and read it calmly




Jack Foley

Orphic Sonnets 1–10, from a work in progress



I am a man who does not know himself

I am the grief that finds its way to tears

I am the poet who descends

I am the loss that cannot know the reason


I am the shadow in the deepening caves

I am the animal that roams its cage