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Poems and poetics

Jennifer Liston: The poetry and poetics of the 'Rescued Poem'

[Jennifer Liston grew up in Co Galway, Ireland and now lives in Adelaide, South Australia. Her procedural poetry, as presented here, adds significantly to the line of such poetry in modern and postmodern writing — in both her poems and poetics. The idea of the “rescued poem” is indubitably her own, and a further collection of  poems as examples will shortly be gathered as a book. (J.R.)]


What Is a ‘Rescued Poem’?

David Baptiste Chirot: 'Hidden in Plain Sight': Found visual/sound poetries of feeling eyes and seeing hands

[Himself on the cusp between “outside” & “inside” poetry & art, Chirot, whose work, both verbal & visual, is a great too often hidden resource, writes from an authoritative if barely visible position in contemporary letters. The depth & breadth of his more recent work — the rubbings & collages foremost — is outstanding. (J.R.)]

Jerome Rothenberg: A Round of Solipsisms

for my 86th birthday

“He takes a book down from his shelf & scribbles across a page of text: I am the final one. This means the world will end when he does.” (from A Paradise of Poets)



the lie of consciousness

assails me    waking

in the early hours


shorn of dreams

Rochelle Owens: From 'Solarpoetics,' (concluded) 16–26

[The following is the conclusion of Rochelle Owens’s major new alphabetic work, earlier sections of which have appeared previously in Poems and Poetics.]



Reading a word does not depend on the number

of letters it contains

Wai-lim Yip, from 'Paris Dialogues': four poems after photos by Jonas Yip

[A commemoration here of two new books in English by Chinese poet Wai-lim Yip: Somewhere Between (National Taiwan University Press), from which this excerpt is taken, and Arrivals and Departures: Poems, Memoir, and Chronology (Musical Stone Publishing, Hong Kong), a selection of his original writings in Eng