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Outside-in / Inside-out schedule

The following is the schedule for the major festival of “outside & subterranean poetry,” which takes as its point of departure Barbaric Vast & Wild, the anthology/assemblage co-edited by Jerome Rothenberg & John Bloomberg-Rissman.  The still larger Outside-in / Inside-out festival, as announced, will take place at venues across the City of Glasgow from September to November 2016.


Jerome Rothenberg: Pound, Yip, & Chinese Poetry in America

[From a lecture, August 2002, for the Chinese Comparative Literature Association meetings in Nanjing. Recovered 2016 as an introduction to a new book of Wai-lim Yip’s “poetry in English,” scheduled for publication next year in Hong Kong.

From 'Technicians of the Sacred Expanded' (a work in progress): 'The Khanty Prayer of the Bear' by Leonty Taragupta, poem, & commentary

O Father of the Seven Skies –

I too have been a God-spirit,

descendant of the bright ancestor,

descendant of the all-hearing ancestor,

though set upon the firmament

of the Earth!

But the Son of the Master of Towns –

is he your Father’s heir?

the son of the Master of the Hamlets –