Jerome Rothenberg

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Robert Yerachmiel Snyderman: Lyric fermentation, a practice

Besmilr Brigham
Besmilr Brigham

(via C.D. Wright and Besmilr Brigham, in memory)


[Presented originally at “Outside-in/Inside-out,” A Festival of Outside and Subterranean Poetry, in Glasgow, Scotland, on October 5, 2016, as a testament in part to C.D. Wright’s work with the archive of poet Besmilr Brigham, while touching on much else in the process. (J.R.).]


Ariel Resnikoff: From the 'YINGLOSSIA' series, a work in progress

[Author’s Note: My compositional method in these poems stretches across/between a number of different languages & engages (mis)translation as its key modality. This is writing that traverses Yiddish, Hebrew, & Aramaic (among other) grammars, syntaxes, & lexicons, taking English as its temporary “host” while performing perpetual inflectional slippages, often through interlingual punning & fusion slangs. – AR]


Jerome Rothenberg: 'The mysteries of mind laid bare in talking,' for David Antin (1932–2016)

Photograph by Charles Bernstein
Photograph by Charles Bernstein



I would also say it

speaking    would like to hear it

catapulting from my mouth


not like a flow of words

but a barrage of pulses

one athwart the other


mindful how some spirit

Rochelle Owens: 'Solarpoetics' from a work in progress



Wyh do we udnersntad a txet eevn fi the letetrs

aer in dsiordre




The letter A

like a membrane

melliferous the animal flesh

Conference report: 'Outside-in/Inside-out,' a festival of outside and subterranean poetry

Author: Ellen Dillon

[The following conference report chronicles — “for the record” — the range of events at last year’s Outside-in/Inside-out festival of outside and subterranean poetry in Glasgow. The starting point, of course, was Barbaric Vast & Wild (Poems for the Millennium, volume 5, Black Widow Press, 2013), coedited by myself & John Bloomberg-Rissman — a small move toward what John and I were calling, unabashedly, an omnipoetics. (J.R.)]